4 Things to Do about a Stalker Ex

relationshipsRelationships are tricky things. They can start out so sweet and loving and then become so foreign to you that you would have thought you were dating a monster. It’s hard to handle someone when you see them change before your eyes into someone who was tender and kind to vicious and controlling. It’s frightening and can make many men and women scared of dating or getting close to others because the person they were blind to the cruelty of someone they used to date but also because that person might still be a force in their lives. Some ratings can be tricky to understand like these that ranked and reviewed the top sites for meeting women on the internet so you can avoid scams. Stalking is a serious problem in relationships and isn’t as uncommon as you might think. There are different forms of stalking such as from afar, terroristic stalking, and cyber stalking. Any and all can be very emotionally scarring and can strike fear in people who just want to move on with their lives.

Get Your Friends and Neighbors to Watch Your Back

If you are afraid that your ex might be stalking you then the most important thing you should be thinking about is your safety. Not all stalkers are vicious and willing to hurt you but you should always treat any stalking incident like it could become extreme. If you don’t take it seriously then you could end up seriously hurt or dead if the situation escalates enough. If you didn’t think that your ex-mate could turn into this completely different person then who knows what else they could become.

Notify your friends and neighbors that you might be in possible danger or, if you don’t want to be alarmist, tell them to watch out for your ex hanging around. Give them a description of their appearance and vehicle to make sure they know who they’re looking for. Don’t go out alone for a while. Let as many people as possible know that you might be in trouble.

Have a Mild Confrontation with Backup

fightIf the stalking gets to the point where it’s very evident but is not yet at a level that is dangerous then your next best bet will be to confront the stalker. Some people like to get a rise out of others when they are hurt and upset which is classic stalker behavior. Once they know that you’re onto them and that you might take the next steps to stop them then they could back off.

It’s EXTREMELY important to bring a friend along with you; preferably one that has some muscle or knowledge of self-defense in case things turn sour. It’s also highly possible that your stalker will only get angry. Your friend or family member can not only be there to make sure you’re okay but to also bear witness when you move onto the next step.

Contact the Authorities

If the situation truly is getting out of hand and you fear that your safety will be compromised then it’s time to contact the police. Be aware that a lot of stalking laws are in their fledgling years and police don’t often take them as seriously as they should. Be as serious and honest as possible while stressing the possibilities that can occur. If you’re a woman then the situation is extremely high risk; women are killed the world over for being defiant and rejected men. Online, scams are a permanent fixture so use sites that have been extensively tested like top rated hookup sites of 2016. Bring as much as evidence as possible to the police and tell them about other people who have witnessed the behavior. Follow the police’s instructions at how to proceed and listen to their advice on how to handle this legally. If they suggest you get a restraining order then you should definitely look into it.

Implement Some Life Changes

change wordleIf you do all of the above and your ex is still persisting then it’s time to start running. It’s never a nice feeling knowing that someone has stripped you of power and safety but by running and protecting yourself then you can regain all your power back. Find a new house or apartment, change your appearance as much as you are comfortable with, and it might be a good idea to get some kind of weapon to carry with you, albeit one that is legal or that you have permission to have on you. Stalking isn’t something to shrug off. Having stalker means that you have someone that could potentially harm or kill you to deal with.

It’s hard to accept that sometimes relationships just don’t work out, but it’s sometimes inevitable when you’re hitting the dating and hookup scene regularly. You shouldn’t have to waste your time with a relationship that just doesn’t work anymore, but that can happen all too often if you’re not aware of when the relationship may be going south. It’s important that you be able to recognize when things are starting to go south and get stale. That way, you can try to fix the relationship or you can move on and find someone who you click with on a deeper level. Otherwise, the relationship could wind up dragging out for far too long and becoming more painful than it should be. Here are five ways to tell when your relationship is starting to get stale:

1. You Can’t Think of Anything to Talk About

If you struggle to find anything to talk about with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then that’s one of the first warning signs that the relationship is starting to go stale. It might not seem like that big of a deal at first, but being able to hold a decent conversation is hugely important to keeping a relationship going. Are you perhaps into bdsm dating sites that sprout like weeds, so they need to be compared using reviews of real sites? If you can’t find anything to talk about, then chances are you’re not going to be able to hold down the relationship for long. In a good relationship, the conversation should flow naturally and be as effortless as breathing or thinking. That’s why you should keep an eye out for your relationship if you start struggling to find things to talk about.

2. You Don’t Even Seem to Fight Anymore

Not fighting in a relationship might seem awesome to you, but the truth is that fighting can sometimes be an important aspect of a relationship. Every couple has conflicts here and there – that’s part of the result of passion and strong personalities. If you never fight, you might think that it’s a sign of a perfect relationship. However, it’s much more likely that there are conflicts that are just getting brushed over and ignored. That can create even worse conflicts down the line. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly about any issues, or else the relationship can really wind up going south. If you’re never fighting about things, it could very well be a sign that the relationship is going stale.

3. You Barely Think about Each Other

If you barely think about your boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re going about your daily life, that should be a big warning sign that something isn’t going well. In a good relationship, you should think about your partner often. It doesn’t need to be obsessive, but it is important to think of them often. If you’re barely noticing your girlfriend or boyfriend in your daily life, that’s not exactly a sign of a strong relationship by any means. The list of the top of the top for naughty dating websites list for 2015-2016 help you scams and fraud.

4. You Don’t Miss Them When They’re Gone

If you don’t miss your partner when they’re gone, that can be a huge sign that the relationship is going stale. In a passionate relationship, you should feel their absence clearly when they’re gone. If you’re barely aware of the fact that they’re not there, then that’s a clear sign that the relationship isn’t going the way it should. It’s okay to not miss them terribly when they’re gone, but if you feel better without them than when you’re with them, then that’s obviously not a good sign for the future of your relationship.

5. Your Dates Are Boring

Going out on dates should be an interesting and exciting event. If your dates are starting to get seriously boring no matter what you go out to do, then this is a huge sign that things are getting stale. You should never be bored on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, even if it isn’t something you don’t really enjoy doing. Just their presence should be enough to make it more interesting. If all your dates are starting to get boring, you should really think about the relationship you’re in and if it’s worth it to continue. It might not be working for you anymore, and it’s important to be able to recognize that.