How to Handle Your Partner Lying in Your Relationship

liesIt’s natural that sometimes people will lie. It’s never a good thing, at least in most cases, but it’s something that happens and can be unavoidable in a relationship. Some white lies aren’t anything to worry about and shouldn’t cause huge blow ups. Some, however, can be very significant. For instance, a partner that lies about who they are or their whereabouts is a partner that comes off as suspicious. Not everyone’s life is like a sitcom where the lying is because of a surprise party or big gift. Sometimes the lie is malicious or the result of a guilty conscious. If you have found your partner using reviews by these guys of the BSS online dating review report for the best singles sites, dump and move on.

First Make Sure There’s a Lie at All

There’s definitely an importance in finding out whether or not there’s actually a lie in the first place. It might take a while to find out if there’s an actual discrepancy and you’ll need to do some research but make sure that you know all the facts, or lack of facts, before you get confrontational. If you get too angry and accusatory too quickly, you might come off as someone who is a snooper and overly paranoid and suspicious. In the event that someone is actually lying then it’s important to bring them all the facts to prove that you know. Also it’s important to not get worked up without being sure of what the real story is.

Once You Know for Sure then Plan Your Strategy

strategyOnce you are sure of what you know then it’s time to get onto the part where you plan for the next stage of the scenario. If you found out that your partner was actually telling the truth then you don’t have to worry anymore. Sit back and relax and be grateful for the fact that your partner is actually caring and truthful. Some offer real reviews like these online cougar dating site rankings that go about to rate the top sites out there. If your partner was actually lying then you need to assess the situation and decide what your best exit strategy is from the predicament you find yourself in. Usually you have two choices and those are to ignore whatever the lie is or to confront the person in question about their indiscretions.

You Can Choose to Ignore It

The option of ignoring the problem might not be the best or emotionally healthy one but it’s still one that’s available to you. You should weigh out the reasons as to why you think it’s best to go this route instead of another. Are you willing to live with this secret inside of you for as long as you’re with this person? Will you tell anyone else? Who all will this affect? Know that keeping a secret like this inside can draw out a lot of resentment and negative emotions within you and this isn’t healthy for you or the people around you.

…Or be Confrontational

Work-ConfrontationThe other path you can choose involves collecting the evidence and presenting it to your partner. Calling them out on their lies might be hard but also worth it in the end. In the event that they still deny the lie then you have to choose whether or not you’ll fall for believing them or not. Don’t just give up now. They also might give themselves up and apologize. You can choose how you react to these pleas or denials but know that it’s wholly your choice and you have the power.

Moving Forward with or Without Your Partner

After this it’s time to move on. This might be with your mate or without them but it’s important to not stand still in the scenario. You have to get out your hurt or anger or stick with your decision. You can dump them or not but it’s important that you pick a side and stick with it. For those with kids, you can find out about the best sites to use like those reviewed in this side-by-side comparison so you have no excuse; you should only use well rated dating sites.

No matter how you find yourself in the position of a breakup, it’s never fun. A lot of people will victimize whoever is broken up with, but it’s not fun to break hearts if you have empathy. Sometimes things just don’t work, and sometimes things end violently with much disagreement. Whatever happened you likely want to forget it as quickly as possible and pick yourself up, dust off, and try again but it can be difficult to forget the painful past quickly. What do you do to forget and move on as soon as possible? There’s no definite on what works every time, but the best philosophy to start with is ‘Out of sight out of mind’. You need to focus on distracting and surrounding yourself with things that in no way resemble your ex and seek new pursuits.

A New Hairstyle To Kick Off The New You

new-hairstyle-ideas-2013 (9)Feeling fresh after a break up will help elevate your mood and get you out of your post breakup funk. It’s time to channel a new you and get into the idea of a new hairstyle. Changing you hair color is also advised to really get an intense new feeling on breaking out your old shell. Been blonde forever? Try a bold red! Had black hair for ages? Try a honey caramel! Need some fresh ideas? Check out celebrity magazines or websites. It will help your hair stylist if you take a picture in with you of what you want your hair to look like. Definitely go to a salon, even a budget one, to emphasize the feeling of having a transformation for yourself. Indulge and tell your hairstylist all about why your ex was horrible. You should leave feeling refreshed and confident in yourself!

Set A New Fitness Goal

Screw looking good for your next hot date, the idea is to feel confident about yourself! Get some friends to go to a yoga class with you or just hit the gym alone with your headphones. Get out of the house and give yourself minimal time to be sitting around moping about your ex. Get distracted by looking and feeling great for yourself. Build your confidence and show your ex they never deserved you anyway!

New Sights, New Distractions

Get out of your usual funk! Go meet new people, friends and potential lovers alike, and do something new! Maybe even something your ex hated or refused to do with you, like dance in public. Have a great time and find people who enjoy doing the things you love. Invite friends you know will have fun and not drag down your good time when you’re in a delicate time after a break up. It’s not that you’re trying to be mean, you just don’t want a buzzkill when you’re smiling for the first time in a month.

Avoid People Who Ask About Your Ex

Avoid those annoying friends who keep urging you to reconcile with your ex. You don’t want to think about the possibility for whatever reason, and often can’t trust yourself to be around the ex or mutual friends without wanting to bend. Spend time with friends who know not to talk about it or never even met your ex. You don’t want every conversation to be about your breakup, you want to move on. But even friends who mean well trying to get you to reconcile don’t realize they are doing you more harm than good. Be strong and choose your company wisely so you are surrounded by those who support you and won’t let you make bad relationship decisions in weak moments.