Fun Interview Questions that Still Tell You a Lot About a Candidate

There’s no denying that some of the questions that we ask as interviewers can be pretty dull and boring. Many company’s adopt the, ‘if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it’ attitude when it comes to interview questions. While this may be fine for some companies, it usually ends up getting the same typical comments from candidates. Not only that, but candidates will sometimes view your company as ‘just another job’ when you’re asking the same tired as questions as every other company. When you really want to get your candidates talking, as well as find out exactly what type of employee they will be, the best thing you can do is come up with some fun and unique interview questions.

Name a Song that Describes You Work Style?

Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
This question is almost guaranteed to surprise candidates. It puts candidates on the spot, and requires that they think both critically and quickly. If you ask a candidate to name a song that describes their work style, and they respond, “Oops… I did it again,” you may want to think carefully about whether or not you want to hire this person. As simple as this question seems, it’s not as easy as you’d think to come up with a song that describes someone’s work ethic. When you ask this question, pay close attention to what the candidate says.

Make sure you have the candidate explain why they chose that song, especially if it’s one that you can’t figure out right away. Sometimes the title of a song doesn’t seem like it would apply to the question, so have the candidate go into more detail. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers you will receive.

What’s Your Favorite Movie, and Why?

Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Asking a candidate what their favorite movie is and why is also a great way to find out more about them. This question focuses on the candidate’s personality, and helps to give you an idea of how well they’ll get along with other people at the company. For example, if a candidate tells you that their favorite movie is, “Dumb and Dumber,” it may give you an indication that the candidate will have a sense of humor. However, be careful. It can also mean that the candidate will be the class clown of the company, and may not focus enough attention on work. Don’t forget to have the candidate explain why that particular movie is their favorite.

You may also want to consider asking the candidate their top three favorite movies. Some people have a wide range of genres that they’re interested in, and you don’t want to rule someone out simply because they like certain movies. A variation of this question is to ask the candidate to list three of their favorite genres, and then list their favorite movie from each genre.

If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do with the Money?

Asking candidates if they won the lottery, what would they do with the money is another great question to ask candidates. This is another great question to ask candidates. This question allows you to see how creative, responsible, and generous a candidate is. It also shows you how well a candidate performs at planning, as well as their work ethic.

When you ask a candidate this question, wait to see if they will ask you how much they won. If a candidate starts making plans to spend millions of dollars, and they’ve only won a couple of thousand, it shows that they may be the type of person to move too quickly without fully thinking things through. Just because the same interview questions have been asked for many years, doesn’t mean you have to constantly stick with them. Give yourself and your candidates a break, and ask a couple of fun questions that will get the both of you thinking. You might discover that they give you more information that those typical interview questions.