Utilizing Your Significant Other’s Hobbies to Make You Closer

Bing in a relationship doesn’t mean that you ever stop learning new things about someone. A lot of couples get a little too comfortable in their knowledge and experience of their mate and eventually give up on learning anything new. This cuts off your ability to experience new things and better understand your partner. There’s no reason you can’t keep learning new things and even doing so together.

One great way to get closer to the one you love is to experience their hobbies together. By getting on a very intimate level with them and showing that you care about the things they enjoy you successfully deepen your bond with each other. You can easily branch out and enjoy just about anything together and it’s beneficial to your own growth as a person as much as theirs.

Discovering you’re an Artist

Take Intimacy To The Next Level
Take Intimacy To The Next Level
Art is a very complicated hobby that can include many different things. Your partner might be very interested in graffiti art or pottery or landscape painting. They could be interested in nude drawings, chalk art, scrapbooking, photography, and a million other things that are all classified as art. The great thing about experiencing art with someone is that not only do you get to see someone’s creative process it means that you also get to share an incredibly intimate side of someone together.

You can experience art together in a variety of ways and also try out new fields together. Draw together. Draw each other. Photograph each other. Go out to exhibits together. Spray paint a wall and run away together before you get caught. Help them set up their studio and watch them paint something. The possibilities are truly endless.

Movies Are Great For Discussion and Intimacy

Perhaps your mate is a cinephile or someone who is extremely interested in movies and film. You’re hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like movies and that includes yourself; you have to have a genre or actor/actress that you appreciate more than others even if you aren’t a fan of them all or the craft. Movies can inspire a lot of passion in people and there’s a territory of snobbery that you can find yourself dancing into. In that case you should just indulge it a bit. If you like action flicks and your partner doesn’t, instead preferring indie films from Norway, then sit down and compromise with them. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit more cultured, does it? See The List of The Greatest 100 Movies Of All Time.

Sports Make the World Go ‘Round

Share Your Significant Other’s Hobbies
Share Your Significant Other’s Hobbies
port hobbies will probably be the ones where you find you’re very hit or miss. Some people just aren’t built to be athletic and can’t get up to higher levels of athleticism. Some people can’t even be athletic at all if they have health conditions that impede them and if you are one of them then find another way to connect or another hobby to explore together. If you’re interested in braving being a little athletic for the sake of your partner then you’re truly a great catch.

You might not be able to run the five miles they do every day but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk together or play team sports with them. Get your athletic lover to give you tips and strategies to get in better shape and to live a better lifestyle. You’ll both thank yourselves for it.

Let’s Get Embarrassing

There’s definitely some hobbies that are, let’s say, out there. Maybe you’ve gotten a girlfriend that is really into cosplay or a boyfriend that plays Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends. To them these hobbies are perfectly fine but they might not be to you. It’s important to not shame your spouse or partner for anything that they’re into. Instead, find a way to explore these things together. This will also send the message that you accept them no matter what. Who knows? You might not be a shabby tabletop roleplayer yourself.