Eating Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people still believe that they can’t afford to eat healthy, when the truth is that they’re eating out for fast food several times a week and buying tv dinners. The cost is equal if not less in many cases to the equivalent healthy food that just requires a little more time to prepare. It can be a commitment for those with busy schedules, but you can always cook a big meal one ever 4 days and eat leftovers or take them out with you to work. There are ways to plan ahead and maximize your time and your money spent and your health. It’s all winning.

What To Look For When Eating

Be smart about what you eat. You may pick a particular fad diet you like to follow, but just be smart. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are healthier for you then dairy and breads or the incredibly delicious sweets. Go Here To See The Top Fad Diets Of 2016 Try to eat fresh and refrain from slathering your veggies in cheese, butter, sour cream or other unhealthy toppings. Try cooking with different flavorful oils and enjoying healthy fats. Coconut oil is delicious and amazing for you. Avocado oil is great for baking cauliflower or bacon and making salad dressings. Try cooking with new oils and spices. Buy yourself a spice when you eat healthy for a week to encourage yourself to try new recipes and reward your hard work. 

Keeping Healthy Low Cost

Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
When you go shopping look for sales on veggies and buy things that are in season. They will be much cheaper and more delicious in season anyway. You’ll start to learn about what time of year foods are best and it will help keep your food interesting from week to week. Look for coupons for your local super markets and buy a lot when your favorite things are on sale. If you’re smart and budget well there’s no reason to spend more than $20 a week on food. Make sure to eat 3 balanced meals a day and don’t skimp for take out! That will set you back in budget and in health. Part of keeping things cheap is preparing your own meals and controlling what goes into your body for health purposes. Be strong and avoid temptation! Be sure to keep foods you can easily snack on around so you don’t cave for tempting goodies you shouldn’t eat. 

What To Do When Also Budgeted For Time

Those on a budget are also usually struggling to find time to prepare meals and stick to diets they’ve started. It’s a lot of work! And results can be slow and tedious and leave people feeling unmotivated. It’s important to cook in bulk and eat leftovers to save time on a daily basis. Find time in your schedule to cook twice a week and you can fully prepare meals for yourself ahead of time. Soups are easy to make and reheat. Salads are great cheap lunch options. Casseroles and other baked dishes can be eaten off of for a whole week if it’s just one person and are easy to reheat and store. Cooking for yourself takes a little planning ahead, but is more rewarding in the long run and much better for you than easy and convenient meal options offered pretty much anywhere else accept your mom’s house.