Fun Interview Questions that Still Tell You a Lot About a Candidate

There’s no denying that some of the questions that we ask as interviewers can be pretty dull and boring. Many company’s adopt the, ‘if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it’ attitude when it comes to interview questions. While this may be fine for some companies, it usually ends up getting the same typical comments from candidates. Not only that, but candidates will sometimes view your company as ‘just another job’ when you’re asking the same tired as questions as every other company. When you really want to get your candidates talking, as well as find out exactly what type of employee they will be, the best thing you can do is come up with some fun and unique interview questions.

Name a Song that Describes You Work Style?

Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
This question is almost guaranteed to surprise candidates. It puts candidates on the spot, and requires that they think both critically and quickly. If you ask a candidate to name a song that describes their work style, and they respond, “Oops… I did it again,” you may want to think carefully about whether or not you want to hire this person. As simple as this question seems, it’s not as easy as you’d think to come up with a song that describes someone’s work ethic. When you ask this question, pay close attention to what the candidate says.

Make sure you have the candidate explain why they chose that song, especially if it’s one that you can’t figure out right away. Sometimes the title of a song doesn’t seem like it would apply to the question, so have the candidate go into more detail. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers you will receive.

What’s Your Favorite Movie, and Why?

Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Asking a candidate what their favorite movie is and why is also a great way to find out more about them. This question focuses on the candidate’s personality, and helps to give you an idea of how well they’ll get along with other people at the company. For example, if a candidate tells you that their favorite movie is, “Dumb and Dumber,” it may give you an indication that the candidate will have a sense of humor. However, be careful. It can also mean that the candidate will be the class clown of the company, and may not focus enough attention on work. Don’t forget to have the candidate explain why that particular movie is their favorite.

You may also want to consider asking the candidate their top three favorite movies. Some people have a wide range of genres that they’re interested in, and you don’t want to rule someone out simply because they like certain movies. A variation of this question is to ask the candidate to list three of their favorite genres, and then list their favorite movie from each genre.

If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do with the Money?

Asking candidates if they won the lottery, what would they do with the money is another great question to ask candidates. This is another great question to ask candidates. This question allows you to see how creative, responsible, and generous a candidate is. It also shows you how well a candidate performs at planning, as well as their work ethic.

When you ask a candidate this question, wait to see if they will ask you how much they won. If a candidate starts making plans to spend millions of dollars, and they’ve only won a couple of thousand, it shows that they may be the type of person to move too quickly without fully thinking things through. Just because the same interview questions have been asked for many years, doesn’t mean you have to constantly stick with them. Give yourself and your candidates a break, and ask a couple of fun questions that will get the both of you thinking. You might discover that they give you more information that those typical interview questions.

How to Mend a Relationship That’s on the Decline

lovebrokeEvery relationship will eventually go through at least one fight or rough patch. It’s literally impossible to have a healthy relationship without arguing once or twice. If there’s literally no disagreeing in a relationship then there’s probably a problem. Sometimes these fleeting feelings will turn into month long periods where you just don’t want to see your partner and don’t really understand why. When a relationship starts to go downhill it can happen pretty fast. It’s still possible to save the romance as long as you try your hardest. I mean there’s top dating sites for affairs like this list of reviews from a few year ago that show cheater dating website scams so there’s no lack of options if you’re not happy anymore.

Talking Out Any Unresolved Issues

Before anything else it’s best to talk about the problems you’re going through. Maybe it’s something that is only really bugging you or vice versa. It’s possible that neither of you know the real cause and want to find out and resolve it together. It’s also possible that you both come to an understanding that you don’t care. Regardless of the actual conversation, nothing can really be fixed unless you sit down and talk about what is going right and what is going wrong.

Revisiting the Beginning of the Relationship

571541The beginnings of relationships are often the best because you’re basically in a honeymoon period. Everything is perfect and happy and you still have those first date jitters rolling around. Your need to impress each other is still there and you feel flutters in your stomach when you see each other. These are hard feelings to recreate but it’s still possible to do so. You could dump him by sending him to sites for meeting younger women that seem good from this compiled list on dating sites for meeting young women to sleep with pronto. Replicate your first date and try to see if you can feel any romantic nostalgia. Remind your partner and yourself why you fell in love to begin with.

Trying New Things Together

Sharing an experience brings anyone involved together. This is especially true of people in relationships because they already have a strong bond to begin with. New experiences that you can share can elevate your sense of closeness and intimacy. Think about silly things to do like visiting a petting zoo, going to a national landmark, or just driving somewhere new. Think about serious or more extreme things like couple’s sky diving tours. Anything can work.

Asking for Advice

Never be afraid to ask for advice about your issues and problems. This can mean seeking out a friend to confide in or talking about how you feel with your family. You can even go so far as to seek out professional help if the problem is really bad or extreme. Help isn’t something to be ashamed of in a relationship because you’re bound to make mistakes and mess up along the way. Everyone needs a hand to help them up once in a while.

Knowing When to Call it Quits

Sometimes, however, there is no mending a relationship. You can try and try and nothing ever sticks. It’s devastating at the time but in the end it’s for the best. You just aren’t two people who are meant to be together. This is nothing to be afraid of. If you have one true love in your life then you know that you’ll need to wade through all the loves that won’t last to find it. There are hookup sites that are real like those that were conducted a big review set and compared all the real and scam sites. So don’t sweat it – dump and move on.

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, then giving roleplaying a shot might just be what you need to try. Whether you’ve role-played with your partner before or it’s your first time, it is important to be able to pick a scenario that will be fun and sexy at the same time. You don’t want to get too serious or it can wind up ruining the experience. If you’re looking for some interesting and sexy roleplaying scenarios to try out, here are four of them that can really kick things up a notch.

1. Teacher and Student

179763974roleplayrookies_HOMETeacher and student is a classic sexy roleplaying scenario, but it is a classic for a reason. There’s something really naughty about pretending to be a teacher or a student and having your partner fall into the role as well. We’ve pretty much all had fantasies about teachers at some point, and the power play can be really interesting here. Whether you want to be the strict teacher or the naughty student looking for some extra credit, it’s an easy scenario to get into and it’s undeniably sexy at the same time.

2. Nurse and Patient

Nurse and patient is another classic scenario, but that doesn’t mean that it’s boring. There’s something kinky about medical play that really gets to a lot of people. Being a sexy nurse giving your patient a special shot or a miracle cure can be really fun and sexy if you do it right. It’s not complicated at all, which is part of the appeal here. It’s easy for anyone to pick up and there’s not a whole lot of confusion as to who should be doing what. Of course, if you’re scared of doctors, then this one might not be the right choice for you.

3. Master and Servant

Master and servant does tend to cross the line into BDSM a little bit, but you don’t need to get serious with it unless that’s what you’re into. Having to submit to your partner’s every whim and desire can be a major turn-on for some people – or maybe you would rather be the one doing all the commanding. Either way, this is a basic scenario that you can play to whatever specifications you want. You can get some fantasy roleplay into the scene if you want to pretend that your partner is an exotic slave that you’ve just won at an auction, or you can even get more creative with it. It’s all up to you!

4. Princess and Knight

This roleplaying scenario can go any way you want it to. If you’re a spoiled diva and you want to be doted on by a loyal knight, then you get to be the princess that calls all the shots. Of course, there are plenty of different ways to play this depending on what your partner likes and what you’re into. No matter how you slice it, though, pretending to be a princess or a knight is a fun break from reality. It can get really sexy if you know how to put on a good show, so give it all you’ve got and let loose a little! You might just be surprised by how much you wind up enjoying the role you start to inhabit.

Making Yourself Memorable To Clients

Making yourself memorable is one of the main ways you’ll get clients, and equally importantly, retain them. Many companies won’t come back to someone they’ve forgotten, especially if they can’t bring up a face to business card if they met you at a convention or for a general meeting. Being memorable comes naturally over time, but it takes practice at first!

Make a good first impression

The First Impression Will Open Or Close Doors For Your Business
The First Impression Will Open Or Close Doors For Your Business
Your first impression should stick in a client’s mind, and when it does, it should be for the right reasons. If you’re approaching a client for the first time via email, you may want to reconsider a 6-page email and instead think about an easy-to-view PowerPoint presentation briefly outlining the benefits of your company, and how they apply to this company in particular. While you may end up having a template for your sales emails, you want to ensure you treat each company well. After all, each company is looking for something different. In the same vein, presentation and attention to detail are immediately important when you meet a new client in person, too. Dressing well, speaking clearly, and carrying yourself with confidence can lend you an edge in approaching new clients and winning their interest right off the bat.

Have a unique sales pitch

When you’re handing over your business card or sending out your first contact email, you’ll undoubtedly be talking about what you do, why you do it, and why YOUR Company does it quite so well. And while enthusiasm is important, there are certain types of sales pitches that have been done a thousand times and get boring to hear. Some clichés are helpful and desirable to companies – a dedication to punctuality, high quality, and honest work are always welcome – but others can become boring quite rapidly, and this differs per industry. Before you start thinking of what to say, try to eliminate everything that makes you sound like everyone else they’ve ever heard, and incorporate where your company is unique. It may be that your companies is the biggest of its kind, and thus universally trusted. On the other hand, it may be that your business is small and pays exclusive attention to its customers, thus offer a more bespoke service with more features. When you give your clients something unique to remember you by, that’s the first thing they’ll think of when you come to mind.

Do something different

Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd
Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd
Set yourself apart. When you make yourself different to the world, you make yourself different as a business. It’s not just your services playing a role, when you as a person are also being presented when you make a new connection. Having a twitter besides your company twitter can be a good way to get started, and keeping it updated and interesting can keep your clients coming back. Interesting snapshots from workshops on your business show how up-to-date you are, but they also let your clients glimpse into something they may want themselves or their employees to attend. Similarly, but less work-related, charity events can set you aside from the mass of business executives in suits. Running a marathon for charity with the company logo can make people remember you for your good deeds. Though we’re not all as athletically inclined as some people are! In that case, participating in charities as they come up is a good idea – most of them require relatively little effort besides a donation and a video or a picture of yourself. Once you start doing these, it might even be fun to get the rest of your company involved – participating in events together can build a stronger team, give your company character, and at the end of the day, make you stand out!

Perfecting Your Business’ Image in the Professional World

Having a good image is very important for your company or business, though you may not consider this to be a priority when you’re first getting started. However, the way people perceive your company or business is highly important to your success. You need to make sure that people look at your company or business and see something that they want to be involved with. If your company or business does not have a good public image, this can severely damage your reputation and make things much harder for you than they need to be. You really need to be careful of your public image when you are trying to make it in the business. Perfecting your company or business’ image is highly important to your future success, so it’s really something that you need to work on. If you’re new to the whole thing and you don’t really know what to do, we’re here to help. We have all the tips that you need in order to succeed in the long run and make sure that your company or business has a great public image. Here’s what you need to know:

Should This Really Matter?

Your Business Image Is The ¨Face¨ Of Your Company
Your Business Image Is The ¨Face¨ Of Your Company
You may find yourself wondering if this even really matters. Of course it does! You want to have a good public image so that people can look at your company or business and see something that they want to be a part of. If your company or business has a poor public image, it will not be able to stand up well in the professional world. People will not want to be a part of what you’re doing, which can really hurt your chance at success. You won’t have that many clients, and you certainly won’t have that much respect from your peers. You really need to make sure that you work hard to protect and perfect your company or business’ image in the professional world. It can really make a huge difference.

Signing up for Social Media and Doing It Right

Build A Presence On Social Media
Build A Presence On Social Media
One of the best ways to perfect your business’ image in the professional world is to sign up for social media. Signing up for social media is much more important than it ever used to be. In fact, some could even say that it’s vital. Having a good public image will help you succeed, and one of the best ways to get your brand out there is to be a part of social media. Just make sure that you do it right, since you don’t want someone to wind up embarrassing you or giving your company or business a bad reputation by saying the wrong things on social media. You need to be careful about what you say and do on social media, but if you’re careful and you know what you’re doing, it can really make a huge difference in how people perceive your company.

Hiring Someone to Help

You may want to hire someone to help you with your public image. Read 10 Tips For Hiring The Right PR Firm Here. It’s not always easy to understand how you can go about making sure that your company or business has the best public image possible. You really need to make sure that you’re doing the right things, so hiring someone to help might be the best thing for you to do. Someone like this will be able to take over your social media accounts and make sure that you’re not saying the wrong things. They will also be able to go about spreading the word about your company to make sure that people perceive it in a positive way. While it is a bit more expensive than you might like, we still think hiring someone to help you with your company or business’ public image is very important to do. You might be surprised by how much it can help, so we think it’s worth it.