Online Dating the Right Way

datingonlineWith numerous online dating sites out there, you probably think you know everything there is to know about online dating. If people don’t reply back to you, you might even assume it’s because they’re shallow or stuck up. While this can be the case sometimes, the real reason why you might be struggling with online dating is because you’re doing it the wrong way. Online dating involves much more than sending messages to someone and hoping that they reply back to you. Just like with much of everything else, online dating is both an art and a science. If you really want to get somewhere with it, you’re going to have to do everything you can to make people want to get to know you. In order to do this, you need to follow three (or four depending on how you look at it) simple rules.

Be Direct (And Fill Out Your Profile)

If you want to get anywhere with online dating you need to be direct. Some of the people you may be sending messages to might be getting messages from several other people. If you’re beating around the bush, or taking too long to say what you want, they may pass you over without a second thought. Tell people that you’re interested in what you’re looking for. Be honest about it. Lying is the worst thing you can do on an online dating site because if you meet up, that person will eventually realize you were lying. Even the best rated sites look into booty call website reviews and see which ones are real and which ones are scams. You should also fill out your profile. Don’t half ass it. Fill out your profile in its entirety. No blank spaces or unanswered questions. The people view viewing your profile need to know that you’re serious about trying to find someone. If they don’ think you’re serious, they won’t be interested in you.

Send an Introduction Email that Will Make Them Want to Know More

Stop sending “Hi, how are you?” messages. No one likes to receive those. They’re boring, and people will think that you’re just bulk sending them to the people that you’re interested in. Send a message that shows that you’ve at least skimmed their profile. Mention something that you would only know from reading their profile. This way they’ll at least know that you thought they were interested enough in getting to know them. You will get more replies from people when they think that you find them interesting. Consider swingers dating sites but scams are aplenty in this world so only use the best sites to use for swinging.

Don’t Be In a Rush to Meet Up

Young couple drink coffee at italian café
Young couple drink coffee at italian café

Don’t ruin a good back and forth chat or text conversation by asking to meet up. Give it time. Get to know the other person for a bit longer. If you ask to meet up too quickly, you will end up startling them, and they may stop talking to you altogether. Play it smoothly, and wait until you’re certain that they are ready to meet up with you. When you do this, you have a better chance of the two of you getting along and actually having things to talk about when you finally meet up. Being adventurous can lead to the best dating sites being infrequently good on bondage site reviews when compared to others. Online dating is a great way to meet a lot of people without having to go broke on dates, or spend time at bars and nightclubs that you don’t want to be at. It takes work to meet people, so don’t assume just because you have a profile that people will flood your inbox with messages. You’ll have to work just as hard online as you would if you were in person. In fact, some people might argue that you have to work even harder. Don’t mess things up before you even give them a chance to get started.

beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa
beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa

Emotional abuse is much more than your partner calling you fat, ugly, or stupid. While yes, these things are definitely emotional abuse, there are other forms of emotional abuse that your partner may sneak in without you realizing it. The worst part about this is that if your partner is an emotional abuser, they could be abusing you on a daily basis with these things. All this will do is lower your self-confidence and make you feel terrible about yourself. It can even cause you to suffer from depression without really knowing why.

Every Bad Thing is ALWAYS Your Fault

An easy giveaway that your partner may be emotionally abusing you is if they have a habit of blaming you for every bad thing that happens to them. Your partner doesn’t always have to call you names or ridicule you for them to be emotionally abusing you. If you’ve noticed that every argument that you have ever been in with your partner ends up with you apologizing for something that you didn’t do, it is a high chance that it is emotional abuse. There reviews and comparisons for the best sites list from GKso that scams are to be avoided and it’s not your fault. A partner who blames you for everything terrible thing that happens is using you as a way to take the pressure off of them. Each time you apologize for something that you didn’t do, you are telling your partner that it is OK to continue with the treatment of constantly putting you at fault.

Victim Blaming, Guilt Tripping, and Manipulation

Emotional abusers are notorious for things such as: victim blaming, guilt tripping, and large amounts of manipulation. If your partner says something that is cruel and hurtful to you, they may blame you for them saying it. An example of this would be if they told you to pick them up at 3 o’clock, and you showed up at three. But what they really meant to say was 2 o’clock. Instead of owning up to the fact that they told you the wrong time, they will blame you for being late, and then they will blame you for being too sensitive when you get upset for being blamed for something that they did wrong.

Emotional abusive partners feed off of guilt tripping you. They want to make you feel bad about things, so that it makes them feel more powerful over you. If you make a mistake, they will constantly remind you of your mistake. More importantly, they will find ways to link your mistake to other problems between the two of you. Eventually, you will feel so bad that you will want to do something for them to make up for your mistake. It is a disgusting and vicious cycle.

Your emotional abusive partner will also be more than happy to manipulate you. They will try to get you to do anything that they want, and they will do this by playing with your emotions. Emotional abusers will often spend time figuring out what you are the most sensitive and insecure and insecure about, and then they will use that information against you.

Don’t give your emotionally abusive partner power over you. If you feel like you are being emotionally abused, stand up for yourself. If you are worried about the repercussions, then it may be best to speak to a professional, or to even get the authorities involved if need be.

3 Exciting Ways to Add Spice Back into Your Sex Life

Adding spice back to your sex life can seem difficult, especially when you feel like you’ve done it all. Luckily, there are three easy ways to help get your sex life back to the way it used to be. It doesn’t take much effort, and it can often lead you to coming up with even more ideas for bringing (and keeping) the sexy spice back into your sex life. And you definitely can’t go wrong with that.

Enjoy the Thrill of Getting Caught

tumblr_mapzixfhMA1qb4ttfOne fun way to add the spice back to your sex life is for the two of you to experience the thrill of getting caught. Having sex in public can definitely help with bringing a lot of joy and excitement to your sex life. If the two of you are reluctant to have full on sex, there are many things you can do instead. In fact, you can start out small, and then work your way up to the main attraction. There are online hookup site reviews like this complete list of tested sites for seeing top lists can be tricky to evaluate. You can start by fooling around while the two of you are on a dinner date. Make sure that you reserve a booth. You want the thrill, but you don’t want to make getting caught too easy. Take turns fondling and feeling each other up beneath the table. See how far you can go without people noticing what you’re doing. If you’re willing to go all out, pay for dinner, and then finish up in the car right in the parking lot. Check your surroundings first. You don’t want to risk a cop catching you in the act.

Busy buses and trains are also a great way to get kinky with each other while risking the thrill of getting caught. Make sure that both of you wear easy access clothes. You don’t want to be bothered with buttons and zippers, which can slow you down, especially if you’re in a rush (or have to quickly escape if someone notices what you’re doing).

Take Roleplay to a Whole New Level

If you have experience with roleplay, but you don’t feel like it’s doing the job anymore, you may just need to change what you’re roleplaying, and how you’re roleplaying it. One way to really get the two of you excited is to get a hotel room. One of you is to stay at the hotel room, while the other stays home. Engage in kinky phone, and then invite your partner to your room. Go all out for this one. You’re paying for the room, so you may as well make the most out of it. Don’t forget to bring toys or even a video camera to make you own porn film to watch later. Use good research and tests of sites for finding out the top websites for getting laid online from people that have reviewed and rated the bulk. If the hotel idea sounds fun, you can also add to it. There are numerous roleplay scenarios that the two of you can experiment with. Take some time to figure out what excites both of you and go from there. Purchase outfits, wigs, or anything else you think you may need. Planning is everything to make the most out of this roleplay, so start figuring out things now. The more time you give yourself, the more fun you’ll have.

Invite Someone New to Join In On the Fun

threesomeIf the two of you are OK with bringing someone into your bedroom, then inviting someone for a kinky threesome can definitely give a spicy boost to your sex life. This person can either be a one-time hookup, or you and your partner may decide that the two of you want to start a relationship with them. Whatever you decide, it’s important to make sure that the two of you communicate beforehand.

Don’t surprise your partner with bringing in a third addition to your bedroom. You will definitely not like the results. You should also come up with things that will and won’t be acceptable for the three of you to do. Make sure everyone is in agreement. Threesomes are fun, but they can destroy a relationship if there is a lack of communication going on.

Brining the spice back to your sex life should be fun, and convince them to tell you their dirtiest, kinkiest secrets. There’s a high chance that you share some of the same ones.

Fighting is, unfortunately a normal part of any long term partnership. You are living in close quarters with another person, and they are bound to get on your nerves at some point. If you aren’t fighting at some point, you are either very good at communication and discussion, are an ultra-chill kind of person, or you aren’t spending a lot of time with your significant other. However, if you are like most people who are in a relationship, you will struggle with arguments, disagreements, and getting angry with one another. Don’t make these disagreements something that will hurt you deeply or ruin your relationship. If you go about an argument right, you may even find that you can come out with an even stronger relationship than you had before. Consider spicing up your life with top sites that make the cut per these reviews of sites for getting laid that show dating websites compared to the competition.


ListenWhile this may seem like a cliché, no matter how mad you get it is important to keep your ears open and your head cool. Listening to what your partner has to say and giving it time to process will help you be reasonable through the arguments. Do not rise to any provocations that may come up, and commit to keep listening to your spouse, even if they are upset and angry at you and aren’t behaving very nicely.

Don’t Yell

For goodness sake do not yell at your significant other. Keeping your voice even and reasonable will not only help your own psyche, but it will keep your spouse calm as well. Screaming in someone’s face is not a valid method of discussion, so don’t do it. Even if your spouse is yelling at you, not yelling yourself will keep it from escalating. Keep your arguments rational and reasonable and you will come out much better off with much less temper being thrown around.

Make Your Feelings Heard

Communication is the way to soothe hurt feelings and raging tempers. Tell your partner how you feel and let them know what it is that you need from them. You can’t just expect them to know how you feel and what you want, especially if they are preoccupied with their own feelings. If you are candid and say exactly what you mean to say, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of whatever else might have happened had you let everything stew. So tell them what you want, and listen to them when they do the same.


Now that you have got your feelings and thoughts out in the open, it’s time for you to listen while your significant other does the same. Do your best to really hear what they are saying and empathize with their feelings. Don’t make everything about you, and don’t let them make it all about them either. Fights come from two sides, and understanding that is the first step to making it better. You won’t fully understand everything, but the more that you make an effort to try the more you will be able to understand in future arguments. You can only get better at this.


Don’t let them walk all over you, but don’t be an immovable stone wall either. If you can find a happy balance between doormat and block of bricks, you will be able to reach the reasoning status of a human being. Meet them halfway with their problems, but don’t go all the way either, it’s no good if you are being used and your spouse doesn’t need to grow at all. Be good to each other, and extend the olive branch after you well and good have all of your feelings out and in the open. Don’t hold onto old feelings after a spat.

Make an Effort to Change

The most important part is now holding up your end of the bargain. Make an effort to fix
whatever it was that was making your spouse angry, and they will likely do the same for
you. If you can be a reasonable adult about your encounters with your significant other, you will be able to really polish your relationship and improve yourself, and every argument will only make you stronger as a couple and as friends.

Why You Should Supplement Your Kid’s School Lunch

I you’re counting on your child’s school to give them a great lunch based on the money that you’re paying for it, you’re mistaken. Though school districts do what they can to make sure that children have enough of the good stuff to eat, they’re hampered in multiple ways. First of all, they don’t want to include too much food. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and portion control at public schools is one of the many ways that it’s being fought… even though some children need more nutrition during the morning and early afternoon (as in, lunch time) than others. Here’s why you should make sure that your child is packing healthy snacks on their way to school even if you’re also paying for the school’s lunch program.

High Sodium Foods Are Too Common

Make Sure Your Children Are Getting The Food They Need
Make Sure Your Children Are Getting The Food They Need
Despite the fact that most schools have moved on to trying to be healthier, there’s still the fact that high sodium foods are far too common on a school’s lunch menu. If you want your child to have enough liquid to go with all that salt you’d be better off packing it yourself.

The Time to Develop Their Palate Is Now

Frankly, most schools aren’t known for introducing the children to a wide variety of foods. Sure, you do what you can at home to broaden their palates, but the truth is that the more different foods children like and want to eat, the more likely they are to grow into adults who like to cook their own food… and thus save money and calories over prepackaged meals right from the start. Plus, there are better odds that they’re going to be cooking nutritious meals with plenty of different fruits and veggies.

Picky Eaters Go Hungry

Supplement Your Kid's School Lunch And Make Sure They Are Fed Right
Supplement Your Kid’s School Lunch And Make Sure They Are Fed Right
If your child likes to turn their nose up at things, as every kid does now and then, they will be in for a really long afternoon. Most schools only offer a couple choices, if that, and if your child doesn’t want to eat it they’re going to be left hungry for the rest of the day. If you know that your little one can get a bit stubborn at the sight of carrots, pack them some string cheese every day just so they have something to fall back on.

Allows Them Some Control of Their Food

School lunches are really convenient, but they don’t offer your child much chance at meal planning on their own. If you want them to grow up taking charge of their own nutrition, it’s never too early to start them out. A great way to do it is to set up a supplement snack drawer in your house. On the way out the door in the morning your child can choose what they’re going to bring for snacks or supplemental food for lunch. They get to feel like they call the shots and you know that they’re learning the skills they need to thrive on their own.

Offers a Double Dose of Vitamins

You should supplement your child’s meal simply because there’s no such thing as too much nutrition. Your child isn’t running a risk of ingesting too many vitamins. In fact, school time can be where they need fuel and nutrition the most. They have to learn and assimilate knowledge on their own, in addition to running around at recess, playing hard in PE, and just staying awake all those hours when even a third grader probably wants a nap. There’s just nothing wrong with making sure that they have the fuel that they need to get through a day that’s more hectic than adults remember.

Helps Cut down on Snacking after School

If They Are Snacking After School, They Are Not Having The Right Lunch
If They Are Snacking After School, They Are Not Having The Right Lunch
Remember, portion control is a big deal in public schools. However, the “one size fits all” approach has never been shown to be effective for controlling weight in a population. If your child comes home from school starving every day and eats a big snack right before dinner, that’s more of a problem than them eating a bit more at lunch. If you want them to save their appetite for dinner (but don’t have the heart to deny them when they’re clearly starving) then packing them some extra is a good compromise.

Eating Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people still believe that they can’t afford to eat healthy, when the truth is that they’re eating out for fast food several times a week and buying tv dinners. The cost is equal if not less in many cases to the equivalent healthy food that just requires a little more time to prepare. It can be a commitment for those with busy schedules, but you can always cook a big meal one ever 4 days and eat leftovers or take them out with you to work. There are ways to plan ahead and maximize your time and your money spent and your health. It’s all winning.

What To Look For When Eating

Be smart about what you eat. You may pick a particular fad diet you like to follow, but just be smart. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are healthier for you then dairy and breads or the incredibly delicious sweets. Go Here To See The Top Fad Diets Of 2016 Try to eat fresh and refrain from slathering your veggies in cheese, butter, sour cream or other unhealthy toppings. Try cooking with different flavorful oils and enjoying healthy fats. Coconut oil is delicious and amazing for you. Avocado oil is great for baking cauliflower or bacon and making salad dressings. Try cooking with new oils and spices. Buy yourself a spice when you eat healthy for a week to encourage yourself to try new recipes and reward your hard work. 

Keeping Healthy Low Cost

Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
When you go shopping look for sales on veggies and buy things that are in season. They will be much cheaper and more delicious in season anyway. You’ll start to learn about what time of year foods are best and it will help keep your food interesting from week to week. Look for coupons for your local super markets and buy a lot when your favorite things are on sale. If you’re smart and budget well there’s no reason to spend more than $20 a week on food. Make sure to eat 3 balanced meals a day and don’t skimp for take out! That will set you back in budget and in health. Part of keeping things cheap is preparing your own meals and controlling what goes into your body for health purposes. Be strong and avoid temptation! Be sure to keep foods you can easily snack on around so you don’t cave for tempting goodies you shouldn’t eat. 

What To Do When Also Budgeted For Time

Those on a budget are also usually struggling to find time to prepare meals and stick to diets they’ve started. It’s a lot of work! And results can be slow and tedious and leave people feeling unmotivated. It’s important to cook in bulk and eat leftovers to save time on a daily basis. Find time in your schedule to cook twice a week and you can fully prepare meals for yourself ahead of time. Soups are easy to make and reheat. Salads are great cheap lunch options. Casseroles and other baked dishes can be eaten off of for a whole week if it’s just one person and are easy to reheat and store. Cooking for yourself takes a little planning ahead, but is more rewarding in the long run and much better for you than easy and convenient meal options offered pretty much anywhere else accept your mom’s house.

Equipment You Should Have If You’re Working Out at Home

For many people going to a gym is just impossible. It may be transportation, working hours, fees, embarrassment, etc. For others it’s simply they don’t want to go somewhere to work out when you can do so much outside or even at home. If you do choose to work out at home, there are some key pieces of equipment that you really should have. If you’re saving all sorts of money by not paying gym membership fees then you can afford to spend a little money and make sure that you’re being as efficient as possible. Luckily you won’t have to spend too much to get a good workout.

Resistance Bands

Incorporate Resistance Bands To Your Routine
Incorporate Resistance Bands To Your Routine
Resistance bands are just what they sound like: bands that are resistance. They often come as a long, thin piece of rubber that you use to work on your muscles in different ways. Whether you’re well on your way when it comes to your routine or you’re new to exercising, these bands can build long, lean muscles when you use them. They also store easily considering they’re just large rubber bands. Start with a medium resistance band and tie it to an anchor. You can tie a knot in the middle of it and shut it in a door if you don’t have heavy furniture like a couch. Plus the door lets your anchor change easily. Then you can pull each side and strengthen all parts of your arms. Take the anchor away and you can even use it to work on your legs. Simply put your foot in the middle of it, hold the ends, and then do some leg raises.

Yoga Mat

You Need A Yoga Mat If You Are Going To Try Yoga
You Need A Yoga Mat If You Are Going To Try Yoga
Even if you’re not going to use it for yoga, having a mat to lay on the floor will keep you more comfortable. This means that you can keep going longer, burning more calories. It also keeps your joints healthier by protecting them from hard surfaces, including carpeted floors. You can of course choose to actually try yoga, but that’s up to you. The mat can also be rolled up and used to massage the back after workout. Simply lay down on it and roll it from your shoulders to your lower back. Repeat as often as you need to.


Order A Couple Sets Of Dumbbells And Start Working Out
Order A Couple Sets Of Dumbbells And Start Working Out
Dumbbells can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. Five pound weights are about $5.00 at a local big-box store, but you can order sets of dumbbells that range in their weight for $500.00. These are easier to store and with a click of a dial they’ll go from weighing 10 pounds to 45. This is something for the more enthusiastic weight lifter to consider. But even on a small scale it makes your workouts, like lunges, more effective by targeting more of your body.


Sometimes you just don’t know what to do when you’re working out at home. You know that you should do pushups and sit-ups, but that can lead to a very boring workout routine. When you get bored you’re less likely to want to continue, so shake things up a bit with a DVD. There are so many free ones online or physical ones in the stores that you can find just about any type of workout. If you like dancing you’ll have tons of choices. Or you can go with some of the popular TV show DVDs like The Biggest Loser. By changing up your routine you’re not just going to stay more entertained, you’re going to confuse your body. That’s a good thing, as you build more muscle and lose more weight that way. You’ll also find that if you have a workout partner it’s easier to decide what you’re going to do and make your meet-ups more efficient since you won’t have to come up with your own routines.

4 Ways Green Smoothies Make Your Life Better

If you’re looking for something that’s quick, easy, and will turn your mornings from blah to yum you should check out green smoothies. They’re called this because the mixture of fruits and vegetables that goes into each and every one of these drinks turns them a bright green… but also gives them more flavor and vitamins than you’ve had before. Change is hard to make all at once, and while you might one day want to drop the pizza and beer in favor of a healthier lifestyle it will be easier to do that if you’re adding to it and not just taking away. If you’re still on the fence, check out these four ways green smoothies are going to change your life for the better.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

A Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Every Single Day
A Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Every Single Day
It’s very easy to turn on the blender and get access to a great breakfast every single day. Chop up some fruit, add a little yogurt or water, and all of a sudden you’re going to be slurping your way through the morning rush hour with a smile on your face. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most of the time people don’t know what that means. Basically, your metabolism doesn’t start to hum until you’ve already fed it something. This is why you can skip breakfast and not be hungry until noon, but when you eat a couple bites for breakfast you’re hungry again at once. This is because your body is actually burning more calories than it would otherwise. Eating breakfast every day is the key to kick starting your weight loss.

Fill up on Vitamins

You need to get some nutrition into your day early and often. When you’re looking at the start of your day you need to get in your iron, calcium, and vitamins A and D so that you feel ready to get out there and kick some butt in the working world. Just having calories in the morning isn’t going to help you feel alert; you need nutrients. Downing a plate of steak and eggs might make you feel full, but it’s not going to make you feel alert and energized the same way that a green smoothie packed with spinach and tasting like apples is going to.

Cut Back on Snacks

You Have Everything You Need.. to Make A Green Smoothy
You Have Everything You Need.. to Make A Green Smoothy
Green smoothies will make your life better because you won’t have to be packing snacks everywhere you go. When you give your body what it really needs to thrive, as in tons of vitamins and nutrients, you’ll cut back on the cravings that send you running to the fridge time and time again. No one wants to spend tons of money collecting a bunch of snack foods. If you’re really hungry between meals, a small green smoothie is your best bet for feeding your body what you really need. Plus, it’s a good way to tell when you’re boredom eating: if you don’t want a green smoothie then you want something that’s tasty, not food you need to survive.

No More Vegetable Stress

Not everyone likes vegetables even when they’re an adult. If you’ve never lost your childhood aversion to leafy greens, just plop them in the blender with a banana; you’ll never know they’re there.