Eating Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people still believe that they can’t afford to eat healthy, when the truth is that they’re eating out for fast food several times a week and buying tv dinners. The cost is equal if not less in many cases to the equivalent healthy food that just requires a little more time to prepare. It can be a commitment for those with busy schedules, but you can always cook a big meal one ever 4 days and eat leftovers or take them out with you to work. There are ways to plan ahead and maximize your time and your money spent and your health. It’s all winning.

What To Look For When Eating

Be smart about what you eat. You may pick a particular fad diet you like to follow, but just be smart. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are healthier for you then dairy and breads or the incredibly delicious sweets. Go Here To See The Top Fad Diets Of 2016 Try to eat fresh and refrain from slathering your veggies in cheese, butter, sour cream or other unhealthy toppings. Try cooking with different flavorful oils and enjoying healthy fats. Coconut oil is delicious and amazing for you. Avocado oil is great for baking cauliflower or bacon and making salad dressings. Try cooking with new oils and spices. Buy yourself a spice when you eat healthy for a week to encourage yourself to try new recipes and reward your hard work. 

Keeping Healthy Low Cost

Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
Its Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget
When you go shopping look for sales on veggies and buy things that are in season. They will be much cheaper and more delicious in season anyway. You’ll start to learn about what time of year foods are best and it will help keep your food interesting from week to week. Look for coupons for your local super markets and buy a lot when your favorite things are on sale. If you’re smart and budget well there’s no reason to spend more than $20 a week on food. Make sure to eat 3 balanced meals a day and don’t skimp for take out! That will set you back in budget and in health. Part of keeping things cheap is preparing your own meals and controlling what goes into your body for health purposes. Be strong and avoid temptation! Be sure to keep foods you can easily snack on around so you don’t cave for tempting goodies you shouldn’t eat. 

What To Do When Also Budgeted For Time

Those on a budget are also usually struggling to find time to prepare meals and stick to diets they’ve started. It’s a lot of work! And results can be slow and tedious and leave people feeling unmotivated. It’s important to cook in bulk and eat leftovers to save time on a daily basis. Find time in your schedule to cook twice a week and you can fully prepare meals for yourself ahead of time. Soups are easy to make and reheat. Salads are great cheap lunch options. Casseroles and other baked dishes can be eaten off of for a whole week if it’s just one person and are easy to reheat and store. Cooking for yourself takes a little planning ahead, but is more rewarding in the long run and much better for you than easy and convenient meal options offered pretty much anywhere else accept your mom’s house.

Buying Lingerie for Your Boyfriend: Yay or Nay?

Spicing things up in the bedroom is always fun to do, but most the time you are probably focusing on what sorts of things you can do, as a woman, to entice your boyfriend. Boring! It’s time for you to take charge of the bedroom and do things that you find interesting or exciting. Instead of buying laundry for yourself and for your boyfriend’s benefit, why not buy lingerie for him to wear for your benefit? It’s time to switch things up! Buying lingerie for your boyfriend can be a great idea, even if it is something you have never considered before. It may sound strange to you at first, but it is something you can enjoy quite a bit if you allow yourself to get used to it. Your boyfriend may resisted at first, but if he understands just how much you enjoy it, you’d be surprised at what he is willing to do for you. Here’s what you need to know about buying lingerie for your boyfriend.

Do People Really Do This?

Ask Him To Wear Lingerie To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom
Ask Him To Wear Lingerie To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom
If this is the first time you have ever thought about this, you may be wondering if people actually ever do this. The idea of a man wearing lingerie is definitely a bit taboo in our society, but that doesn’t mean a single thing about whether or not you should do it. Having your boyfriend wear lingerie for you can be extremely exciting and enticing, even if you have never thought about it before. You may be surprised by just how much you wind up enjoying it, and you’ll never know until you try. Your boyfriend might learn to love it too. Yes, people actually buy lingerie for their boyfriends, and men definitely wear lingerie on their own. Whether you decide to do this for personal enjoyment or just because you think it will be interesting to spice up the bedroom, you need to know all about buying lingerie for your boyfriend.

What’s the Appeal?

If you’ve never really thought about this, you may be wondering exactly what the appeal is. For one thing, it can be extremely enticing just because of the role reversal involved. You may not find men in lingerie attractive until you actually see your boyfriend wearing it. Then, it can be a whole different story. This is something you should really think about trying at least once, because otherwise you might not know whether or not you like it. It’s definitely something to consider and keep in mind so that you can make the best decision possible. If nothing else, it can be a fun story to tell later on.

Where to Buy It

Buying lingerie for men is not always easy, since almost all of it is made with women’s sizing in mind. However, there are some specialty stores that sell lingerie specifically for men. These places can be a little pricey, but it is usually worth it to look into these sorts of places. Otherwise, you are just going to want to look for regular lingerie that will fit your boyfriend. Knowing his sizing is definitely going to help here.

What to Buy for Him

Will He Wear It If You Buy It For Him?
Will He Wear It If You Buy It For Him?
Knowing what to buy for your boyfriend is an entirely different matter. You may want to consider something as simple as panties and stockings, but adding something more like a teddy or corset can be extremely enticing. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend, and how sure you are that your boyfriend will actually wear it. Starting with panties and stockings is probably the best way to go since it is so simple and easy to wear.

Convincing Him to Wear It

Of course, convincing your boyfriend actually where the lingerie is an entirely different matter. If he is particularly adverse to the idea, you may have to go as far as offering him sexual favors if he wears it. As long as you try hard enough and act charming about it, you should be able to convince him to give it a shot. After all, you wear lingerie for him all the time, so why not change things up? Don’t you deserve it?

Equipment You Should Have If You’re Working Out at Home

For many people going to a gym is just impossible. It may be transportation, working hours, fees, embarrassment, etc. For others it’s simply they don’t want to go somewhere to work out when you can do so much outside or even at home. If you do choose to work out at home, there are some key pieces of equipment that you really should have. If you’re saving all sorts of money by not paying gym membership fees then you can afford to spend a little money and make sure that you’re being as efficient as possible. Luckily you won’t have to spend too much to get a good workout.

Resistance Bands

Incorporate Resistance Bands To Your Routine
Incorporate Resistance Bands To Your Routine
Resistance bands are just what they sound like: bands that are resistance. They often come as a long, thin piece of rubber that you use to work on your muscles in different ways. Whether you’re well on your way when it comes to your routine or you’re new to exercising, these bands can build long, lean muscles when you use them. They also store easily considering they’re just large rubber bands. Start with a medium resistance band and tie it to an anchor. You can tie a knot in the middle of it and shut it in a door if you don’t have heavy furniture like a couch. Plus the door lets your anchor change easily. Then you can pull each side and strengthen all parts of your arms. Take the anchor away and you can even use it to work on your legs. Simply put your foot in the middle of it, hold the ends, and then do some leg raises.

Yoga Mat

You Need A Yoga Mat If You Are Going To Try Yoga
You Need A Yoga Mat If You Are Going To Try Yoga
Even if you’re not going to use it for yoga, having a mat to lay on the floor will keep you more comfortable. This means that you can keep going longer, burning more calories. It also keeps your joints healthier by protecting them from hard surfaces, including carpeted floors. You can of course choose to actually try yoga, but that’s up to you. The mat can also be rolled up and used to massage the back after workout. Simply lay down on it and roll it from your shoulders to your lower back. Repeat as often as you need to.


Order A Couple Sets Of Dumbbells And Start Working Out
Order A Couple Sets Of Dumbbells And Start Working Out
Dumbbells can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. Five pound weights are about $5.00 at a local big-box store, but you can order sets of dumbbells that range in their weight for $500.00. These are easier to store and with a click of a dial they’ll go from weighing 10 pounds to 45. This is something for the more enthusiastic weight lifter to consider. But even on a small scale it makes your workouts, like lunges, more effective by targeting more of your body.


Sometimes you just don’t know what to do when you’re working out at home. You know that you should do pushups and sit-ups, but that can lead to a very boring workout routine. When you get bored you’re less likely to want to continue, so shake things up a bit with a DVD. There are so many free ones online or physical ones in the stores that you can find just about any type of workout. If you like dancing you’ll have tons of choices. Or you can go with some of the popular TV show DVDs like The Biggest Loser. By changing up your routine you’re not just going to stay more entertained, you’re going to confuse your body. That’s a good thing, as you build more muscle and lose more weight that way. You’ll also find that if you have a workout partner it’s easier to decide what you’re going to do and make your meet-ups more efficient since you won’t have to come up with your own routines.

Utilizing Your Significant Other’s Hobbies to Make You Closer

Bing in a relationship doesn’t mean that you ever stop learning new things about someone. A lot of couples get a little too comfortable in their knowledge and experience of their mate and eventually give up on learning anything new. This cuts off your ability to experience new things and better understand your partner. There’s no reason you can’t keep learning new things and even doing so together.

One great way to get closer to the one you love is to experience their hobbies together. By getting on a very intimate level with them and showing that you care about the things they enjoy you successfully deepen your bond with each other. You can easily branch out and enjoy just about anything together and it’s beneficial to your own growth as a person as much as theirs.

Discovering you’re an Artist

Take Intimacy To The Next Level
Take Intimacy To The Next Level
Art is a very complicated hobby that can include many different things. Your partner might be very interested in graffiti art or pottery or landscape painting. They could be interested in nude drawings, chalk art, scrapbooking, photography, and a million other things that are all classified as art. The great thing about experiencing art with someone is that not only do you get to see someone’s creative process it means that you also get to share an incredibly intimate side of someone together.

You can experience art together in a variety of ways and also try out new fields together. Draw together. Draw each other. Photograph each other. Go out to exhibits together. Spray paint a wall and run away together before you get caught. Help them set up their studio and watch them paint something. The possibilities are truly endless.

Movies Are Great For Discussion and Intimacy

Perhaps your mate is a cinephile or someone who is extremely interested in movies and film. You’re hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like movies and that includes yourself; you have to have a genre or actor/actress that you appreciate more than others even if you aren’t a fan of them all or the craft. Movies can inspire a lot of passion in people and there’s a territory of snobbery that you can find yourself dancing into. In that case you should just indulge it a bit. If you like action flicks and your partner doesn’t, instead preferring indie films from Norway, then sit down and compromise with them. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit more cultured, does it? See The List of The Greatest 100 Movies Of All Time.

Sports Make the World Go ‘Round

Share Your Significant Other’s Hobbies
Share Your Significant Other’s Hobbies
port hobbies will probably be the ones where you find you’re very hit or miss. Some people just aren’t built to be athletic and can’t get up to higher levels of athleticism. Some people can’t even be athletic at all if they have health conditions that impede them and if you are one of them then find another way to connect or another hobby to explore together. If you’re interested in braving being a little athletic for the sake of your partner then you’re truly a great catch.

You might not be able to run the five miles they do every day but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk together or play team sports with them. Get your athletic lover to give you tips and strategies to get in better shape and to live a better lifestyle. You’ll both thank yourselves for it.

Let’s Get Embarrassing

There’s definitely some hobbies that are, let’s say, out there. Maybe you’ve gotten a girlfriend that is really into cosplay or a boyfriend that plays Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends. To them these hobbies are perfectly fine but they might not be to you. It’s important to not shame your spouse or partner for anything that they’re into. Instead, find a way to explore these things together. This will also send the message that you accept them no matter what. Who knows? You might not be a shabby tabletop roleplayer yourself.

Making Yourself Memorable To Clients

Making yourself memorable is one of the main ways you’ll get clients, and equally importantly, retain them. Many companies won’t come back to someone they’ve forgotten, especially if they can’t bring up a face to business card if they met you at a convention or for a general meeting. Being memorable comes naturally over time, but it takes practice at first!

Make a good first impression

The First Impression Will Open Or Close Doors For Your Business
The First Impression Will Open Or Close Doors For Your Business
Your first impression should stick in a client’s mind, and when it does, it should be for the right reasons. If you’re approaching a client for the first time via email, you may want to reconsider a 6-page email and instead think about an easy-to-view PowerPoint presentation briefly outlining the benefits of your company, and how they apply to this company in particular. While you may end up having a template for your sales emails, you want to ensure you treat each company well. After all, each company is looking for something different. In the same vein, presentation and attention to detail are immediately important when you meet a new client in person, too. Dressing well, speaking clearly, and carrying yourself with confidence can lend you an edge in approaching new clients and winning their interest right off the bat.

Have a unique sales pitch

When you’re handing over your business card or sending out your first contact email, you’ll undoubtedly be talking about what you do, why you do it, and why YOUR Company does it quite so well. And while enthusiasm is important, there are certain types of sales pitches that have been done a thousand times and get boring to hear. Some clichés are helpful and desirable to companies – a dedication to punctuality, high quality, and honest work are always welcome – but others can become boring quite rapidly, and this differs per industry. Before you start thinking of what to say, try to eliminate everything that makes you sound like everyone else they’ve ever heard, and incorporate where your company is unique. It may be that your companies is the biggest of its kind, and thus universally trusted. On the other hand, it may be that your business is small and pays exclusive attention to its customers, thus offer a more bespoke service with more features. When you give your clients something unique to remember you by, that’s the first thing they’ll think of when you come to mind.

Do something different

Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd
Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd
Set yourself apart. When you make yourself different to the world, you make yourself different as a business. It’s not just your services playing a role, when you as a person are also being presented when you make a new connection. Having a twitter besides your company twitter can be a good way to get started, and keeping it updated and interesting can keep your clients coming back. Interesting snapshots from workshops on your business show how up-to-date you are, but they also let your clients glimpse into something they may want themselves or their employees to attend. Similarly, but less work-related, charity events can set you aside from the mass of business executives in suits. Running a marathon for charity with the company logo can make people remember you for your good deeds. Though we’re not all as athletically inclined as some people are! In that case, participating in charities as they come up is a good idea – most of them require relatively little effort besides a donation and a video or a picture of yourself. Once you start doing these, it might even be fun to get the rest of your company involved – participating in events together can build a stronger team, give your company character, and at the end of the day, make you stand out!

Why Tossing Things that Break is Killing Your Wallet

Too many people today see something that is broken and just discard it, as if it being broken means that it will never be whole again. For the first time in a very long history, people aren’t breaking things when they fix. Ripped pants are thrown away. A toaster shorts out ad people throw away their old things and go out to buy new ones. That kind of behavior always has been and always will be some kind of messed up, out of proportion kind of action that just makes things more expensive than you need them to be. Who knows when the act of tossing anything that is mildly broken became something that was accepted in our society, but we know that we can fix it and that we can change the way out wallets lose and gain money.

You Can Fix It

Learn To Fix Things Around The House And Save Money
Learn To Fix Things Around The House And Save Money
Certain things that break are very fixable. For example, when the scree on a smart phone breaks, the automatic reaction is to go to the store it is from and demand a quick fix. The problem with that is that the store’s version of a quick fix is to get you an entirely new phone altogether for hundreds of dollars, whereas the screen could be repaired at a tech shop for under a hundred dollars. The same goes for most appliances and other technologies that we use in the world, everything from TVs to lamps get chucked out because they are broken, and then leave the owner in the position of buying a totally new device. So don’t be afraid to find a specialist and use their services to repair what is broken, or better yet, learn to do it yourself.

Repurpose Things

Give Things A New Purpose Instead Of Getting Rid Of Them
Give Things A New Purpose Instead Of Getting Rid Of Them
If something is in fact, utterly totaled, it can be changed and repurposed to be made into something else. There is now better way to use a dead object than to give it a purpose with something else, a fixture in the garden to help plants grow or even interesting décor for the house. Recycled art is an incredible phenomenon that is great for your home, especially if you are prone to really breaking things and then trying to keep using them. Just remember not to become a harder, repurpose what you can and then throw the rest away.

It Might Not Be Broken

Sometimes things are ornery and don’t like to work one minute, and then the next they are fine. Especially concerning technology, things that seem broken are just a little bit on the fritz and are a little messed up in parts that can be fixed. Don’t worry about the potential mess ups that may happen once and a while you might be able to tweak it the way you want in order to get it to work, you won’t be able to recover it if you just junk it all away.

Useful Parts

There might be parts that you need in dead machines that are good for replacing parts in other machines or to use for some other construction. Saving and dismantling broken things will help you learn a lot and will make it so that your life is a lot simpler than of you just got rid of your old things and then had to go out looking for parts to buy. Click Here To Read About What Computer Parts You Should Save From Your Old Machines. You never know when a certain type of screw or bolt can come in handy later on down the road.

Trade it In

Trade It In And Make Some Cash
Trade It In And Make Some Cash
If your machine is well and truly dead, you can probably trade it into a Junker for some cash. It won’t be much, probably, but it will be better than just throwing away your old and broken things. At least in that case you are getting something of value for it, and in the end you got all the use out of it that you needed.

3 Educational Activities That Cost Nothing

If you enjoy broadening your horizons and continuing your own, personal education, there are completely free ways to do it. Instead of auditing a college class that you have to pay for, there are many community outlets that have the same standard of intellectual engagement for free. There are government-funded institutions, such as libraries, for example, that specifically exist to serve the general public. Although your first instinct might be that you have to pay for tuition to take a class or for an pricey theatre to attend a play or opera, there many ways to get around these expensive.

Local Library Classes

Pick A Educational Activity You Are Interested In
Pick An Educational Activity You Are Interested In
Your local public library undoubtedly offers classes and workshops on all kinds of topics. Depending on where you’re located, there might a very wide or narrow selection of possibilities, but they’re always free of charge. At the very minimum, most libraries have a reading group. Given that the primary focus on a library is reading material, there’s also often writing workshops offered. You don’t even need to have a library card most of the time. These classes can be found on the library’s website, and there’s usually a place to search for other activities.

Community Center Activities

Community Center Activities Are Fun And Free
Community Center Activities Are Fun And Free
A community center exists to serve the community, and that’s why you’ll be able to find all kinds of free activities here. Whether you’re interested in participating in a discussion group, learning a new skill, or even starting your own group, a community center runs programs that are free of charge for the most part. It’s also a great way to meet other people and make new friends in your own community. You can also organize your own community activity if you talk to the coordinator of special programs. Usually there’s a person in charge of programs specifically. If you have an idea, this is a great opportunity to bring your own interests to the community at large. Try discussing it with the staff at your own center.

Pay What You Wish Museum Days

Pay What You Wish Museum Days
Pay What You Wish Museum Days
Almost all museums have a pay what you wish day, where admission is basically free. These dates usually take place on a regular day of the month, such as the first Friday, and are sponsored by a corporate funder. You can walk into a museum without having to pay a hefty admission charge and explore to your heart’s content. Due to the fact that many museum admissions fees these days are only rising in price, pay what you wish days are a great boon to the budget-conscious scholar who wants continued exposure to culture. Another great reason for taking advantage of these designated days is that, many times, special exhibitions the museum is hosting aren’t even covered by the general admission charge. You don’t only get to see the regular museum for free, but you save extra money on temporary exhibitions that would normally cost a bundle. Museums also have regular public programming, which is usually available for free. This can include everything from lectures to musical performances that relate to their individual mission. An even better place to investigate for free programming are smaller museums that don’t have a mandatory admission fee. These are institutions that probably depend on grants and government funding, for the most part, to keep afloat. Therefore, they’re very interested in bringing in visitors and serving the general public.

Computer Maintenance Habits to Develop In Your Life

Have you ever been using a computer heavily to pursue a project or some other goal, only to have it break suddenly and without warning? Having a computer break down or become unusable is one of the worst things to experience. It inspires a panic like none other! After all, those machines are expensive, and you might not know how to fix it. That’s why the best way to protect yourself from this kind of scenario is to maintain your computer and keep it in good working order. If you aren’t doing that, you’re seriously playing with fire!

However, what maintenance habits do you actually need to develop? You might not know just from looking at your computer what needs to be done with it. With that in mind, you should continue reading this article so that you can learn the basics of keeping your computer clean and functional. Once you learn how to conduct this basic level of maintenance, you won’t ever have issues with a sudden loss of functionality later on. Let’s get started with looking at what you’ll need to do to spruce your PC back up.

Remember to Defragment the Drive Every So Often

The Computer Will Work Faster If You Remember To Defragment The Driver The more that you use your computer, the more that bits and pieces of data are going to get strewn around your hard drive. This is a normal part of the way that programs work and it’s called fragmentation. However, even though it’s normal doesn’t mean that you can just avoid doing anything about it. What you need to do is run the system’s defragmentation utility from time to time. Why? This utility will locate all of those pieces and clean them up. That means that your system will soon be working faster and running more smoothly, just like it did when it was brand new. That’s the kind of result that you want from taking care of your computer!

Clean Out the Inside Of Your Case

Don’t forget that you need to clean the inside of your computer, too, and we don’t mean the hard drive! We mean the actual interior of your computer case. That’s because over time, dust and lint can collect on the inside of your machine, especially on your cooling ports. This will, in time, make your machine run at a much higher temperature. That’s not the kind of thing you want happening. It could damage your computer, after all. Instead, what you should do is regularly open it up and vacuum it out. In the meantime, canned air can keep things to a minimum of dustiness.

Get Those Crumbs Out of Your Keyboard

Avoid Eating In Front Of Your Keyboard
Avoid Eating In Front Of Your Keyboard
You should take the time to clean out your keyboard, too. Even those who are diligent about keeping their keyboards clean will need to give their units a deep cleanse every now and again. Make sure that your unit can be disassembled without damage, and then take it apart. Some pieces, like the plastic keys on their own, can actually be washed with soap and water and allowed to dry completely. Other pieces you will want to use a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Allow everything to dry and evaporate before putting it all back together.

Your Mouse Will Need Some TLC, Too

Just because computer mice no longer use rubber roller balls doesn’t mean that they don’t get dirty. After all, you’re grabbing that thing with your grubby hands all day long! You should make sure that it’s unplugged and powered off before you clean it. Using a lint free cotton swab, gently cleanse any areas that appear dirty. If you need to, use rubbing alcohol as you would with a keyboard. Never pour water or soap into your mouse, because that would ruin it permanently. Once you’ve cleaned it, allow it to dry before plugging it back in and going back to work with it.

Dirty Monitors Are No Fun to Look At

Your Screen Is Now Clean. Enjoy!
Your Screen Is Now Clean. Enjoy!
You’ll also want to make sure that you keep your monitor clean, as it’s bound to accumulate quite a layer of grime over time. AS your monitor gets dirtier, it will become harder for you to tell what the true color of items on the screen are. That can be terrible if your work is especially color sensitive! Take the time to get a bottle of special screen cleaner as well as a lint free and static free cloth. Once a week, wipe your monitor down. Voila!

5 Romantic Dates to Revive the Spark in Your Relationship

If things are starting to get a little stale with your sweetheart, you may be wondering how you can spice things up and get back to the romance you once had. Or maybe you just want to impress your girlfriend to get her interested in your relationship once again, especially if things have been getting a little boring. No matter what you reasoning is, there are some times during relationships where you want to spice things up and revive the romantic and passionate spark that you once enjoyed. There are several ways you can achieve this goal, but one of the easiest ways is to take your girlfriend or wife on a romantic date. It’s a quick way to get her interested in things once more, and there are some date ideas that can really spice things back up and revive that old flame. If you’re looking for a way to impress a girlfriend or lover, here are some date ideas that can really make things seem like brand new:

1. Go on a Cruise

Planning  A Romantic Getaway? Go On A Cruise
Planning A Romantic Getaway? Go On A Cruise
If you have the time and money to spend on a cruise, you should absolutely give it a shot. Cruises are some of the most romantic dates you can go on. You get to remove yourself from the stresses of daily life without having to worry overmuch about travel plans, since the cruise is the method of transport and the vacation all in one. Cruises give you a nice taste of the tropical (depending on what kind of cruise you go on and what route it is has) without the effort of making tons of travel plans. Plus, there’s plenty of entertainment on board to help you pass the time in between stops. Just make sure you go for a quality cruise company so you don’t have to worry about any of the problems that can sometimes arise with cruise ships, and you should have a great time. It’s a romantic date and a trip all in one, giving you all the time you need to revive the spark with your lover. Sure, it’s on the pricier side, but it really is worth it if you have the chance.

2. Take a Weekend Road Trip

Get In The Car & Take A Road Trip
Get In The Car & Take A Road Trip
Like a cruise, a road trip allows you the chance to get away with your sweetheart for a while. Remove yourself from daily life and hop in the car to go somewhere. Where should you go? It all depends on where you live and where you would like to go. It doesn’t need to be a seriously romantic destination – you can loosen up and have some fun visiting silly roadside attractions and tourist trips if that’s what you want to do. Make sure to find good hotels to stop at so that you don’t wind up in a roach motel or anything similar, as nothing will kill the spontaneous romantic mood better than run-down lodgings.

3. Revisit Old Favorites

If you’ve been dating your current girlfriend for a while or if you’re married, then you surely have certain favorite places you visited when you were first getting to know each other. Revisiting these places can be seriously romantic because it shows her that you remember the way you started out. Plus, the nostalgia will be enough to make her swoon. It might not even wind up being that pricy depending on what sorts of places you took her when you first started dating.

4. Do Something Crazy

Do Something Crazy And Spontaneous
Do Something Crazy And Spontaneous
Spontaneity can be the perfect way to revive a romantic spark, especially if you tend to be predictable in your daily life. Go bungee jumping or find a zip line to take your sweetheart to – or if you’re feeling really adventurous, consider skydiving. The actual event will be a rush, and that’s enough to get endorphins flowing. It’s a great way to revive your romantic feelings for each other, so get ready to do something wild on your next date.

5. Send Her on a Hunt

If you’re feeling creative and playful, sending your girlfriend on a scavenger or treasure hunt to find out where you’re taking her on your next date can be a great way to spice things up. It’s playful and enchanting, and she’ll love the effort that you put into it. Consider hiding clues around so that she has to solve a riddle to find out what you’re doing, and plant little gifts around for her to find, too.