Fun Interview Questions that Still Tell You a Lot About a Candidate

There’s no denying that some of the questions that we ask as interviewers can be pretty dull and boring. Many company’s adopt the, ‘if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it’ attitude when it comes to interview questions. While this may be fine for some companies, it usually ends up getting the same typical comments from candidates. Not only that, but candidates will sometimes view your company as ‘just another job’ when you’re asking the same tired as questions as every other company. When you really want to get your candidates talking, as well as find out exactly what type of employee they will be, the best thing you can do is come up with some fun and unique interview questions.

Name a Song that Describes You Work Style?

Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
Ask Non-Traditional Interview Questions
This question is almost guaranteed to surprise candidates. It puts candidates on the spot, and requires that they think both critically and quickly. If you ask a candidate to name a song that describes their work style, and they respond, “Oops… I did it again,” you may want to think carefully about whether or not you want to hire this person. As simple as this question seems, it’s not as easy as you’d think to come up with a song that describes someone’s work ethic. When you ask this question, pay close attention to what the candidate says.

Make sure you have the candidate explain why they chose that song, especially if it’s one that you can’t figure out right away. Sometimes the title of a song doesn’t seem like it would apply to the question, so have the candidate go into more detail. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers you will receive.

What’s Your Favorite Movie, and Why?

Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Break The Ice And Learn About Them
Asking a candidate what their favorite movie is and why is also a great way to find out more about them. This question focuses on the candidate’s personality, and helps to give you an idea of how well they’ll get along with other people at the company. For example, if a candidate tells you that their favorite movie is, “Dumb and Dumber,” it may give you an indication that the candidate will have a sense of humor. However, be careful. It can also mean that the candidate will be the class clown of the company, and may not focus enough attention on work. Don’t forget to have the candidate explain why that particular movie is their favorite.

You may also want to consider asking the candidate their top three favorite movies. Some people have a wide range of genres that they’re interested in, and you don’t want to rule someone out simply because they like certain movies. A variation of this question is to ask the candidate to list three of their favorite genres, and then list their favorite movie from each genre.

If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Do with the Money?

Asking candidates if they won the lottery, what would they do with the money is another great question to ask candidates. This is another great question to ask candidates. This question allows you to see how creative, responsible, and generous a candidate is. It also shows you how well a candidate performs at planning, as well as their work ethic.

When you ask a candidate this question, wait to see if they will ask you how much they won. If a candidate starts making plans to spend millions of dollars, and they’ve only won a couple of thousand, it shows that they may be the type of person to move too quickly without fully thinking things through. Just because the same interview questions have been asked for many years, doesn’t mean you have to constantly stick with them. Give yourself and your candidates a break, and ask a couple of fun questions that will get the both of you thinking. You might discover that they give you more information that those typical interview questions.

Online Dating the Right Way

datingonlineWith numerous online dating sites out there, you probably think you know everything there is to know about online dating. If people don’t reply back to you, you might even assume it’s because they’re shallow or stuck up. While this can be the case sometimes, the real reason why you might be struggling with online dating is because you’re doing it the wrong way. Online dating involves much more than sending messages to someone and hoping that they reply back to you. Just like with much of everything else, online dating is both an art and a science. If you really want to get somewhere with it, you’re going to have to do everything you can to make people want to get to know you. In order to do this, you need to follow three (or four depending on how you look at it) simple rules.

Be Direct (And Fill Out Your Profile)

If you want to get anywhere with online dating you need to be direct. Some of the people you may be sending messages to might be getting messages from several other people. If you’re beating around the bush, or taking too long to say what you want, they may pass you over without a second thought. Tell people that you’re interested in what you’re looking for. Be honest about it. Lying is the worst thing you can do on an online dating site because if you meet up, that person will eventually realize you were lying. Even the best rated sites look into booty call website reviews and see which ones are real and which ones are scams. You should also fill out your profile. Don’t half ass it. Fill out your profile in its entirety. No blank spaces or unanswered questions. The people view viewing your profile need to know that you’re serious about trying to find someone. If they don’ think you’re serious, they won’t be interested in you.

Send an Introduction Email that Will Make Them Want to Know More

Stop sending “Hi, how are you?” messages. No one likes to receive those. They’re boring, and people will think that you’re just bulk sending them to the people that you’re interested in. Send a message that shows that you’ve at least skimmed their profile. Mention something that you would only know from reading their profile. This way they’ll at least know that you thought they were interested enough in getting to know them. You will get more replies from people when they think that you find them interesting. Consider swingers dating sites but scams are aplenty in this world so only use the best sites to use for swinging.

Don’t Be In a Rush to Meet Up

Young couple drink coffee at italian café
Young couple drink coffee at italian café

Don’t ruin a good back and forth chat or text conversation by asking to meet up. Give it time. Get to know the other person for a bit longer. If you ask to meet up too quickly, you will end up startling them, and they may stop talking to you altogether. Play it smoothly, and wait until you’re certain that they are ready to meet up with you. When you do this, you have a better chance of the two of you getting along and actually having things to talk about when you finally meet up. Being adventurous can lead to the best dating sites being infrequently good on bondage site reviews when compared to others. Online dating is a great way to meet a lot of people without having to go broke on dates, or spend time at bars and nightclubs that you don’t want to be at. It takes work to meet people, so don’t assume just because you have a profile that people will flood your inbox with messages. You’ll have to work just as hard online as you would if you were in person. In fact, some people might argue that you have to work even harder. Don’t mess things up before you even give them a chance to get started.

beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa
beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa

Emotional abuse is much more than your partner calling you fat, ugly, or stupid. While yes, these things are definitely emotional abuse, there are other forms of emotional abuse that your partner may sneak in without you realizing it. The worst part about this is that if your partner is an emotional abuser, they could be abusing you on a daily basis with these things. All this will do is lower your self-confidence and make you feel terrible about yourself. It can even cause you to suffer from depression without really knowing why.

Every Bad Thing is ALWAYS Your Fault

An easy giveaway that your partner may be emotionally abusing you is if they have a habit of blaming you for every bad thing that happens to them. Your partner doesn’t always have to call you names or ridicule you for them to be emotionally abusing you. If you’ve noticed that every argument that you have ever been in with your partner ends up with you apologizing for something that you didn’t do, it is a high chance that it is emotional abuse. There reviews and comparisons for the best sites list from GKso that scams are to be avoided and it’s not your fault. A partner who blames you for everything terrible thing that happens is using you as a way to take the pressure off of them. Each time you apologize for something that you didn’t do, you are telling your partner that it is OK to continue with the treatment of constantly putting you at fault.

Victim Blaming, Guilt Tripping, and Manipulation

Emotional abusers are notorious for things such as: victim blaming, guilt tripping, and large amounts of manipulation. If your partner says something that is cruel and hurtful to you, they may blame you for them saying it. An example of this would be if they told you to pick them up at 3 o’clock, and you showed up at three. But what they really meant to say was 2 o’clock. Instead of owning up to the fact that they told you the wrong time, they will blame you for being late, and then they will blame you for being too sensitive when you get upset for being blamed for something that they did wrong.

Emotional abusive partners feed off of guilt tripping you. They want to make you feel bad about things, so that it makes them feel more powerful over you. If you make a mistake, they will constantly remind you of your mistake. More importantly, they will find ways to link your mistake to other problems between the two of you. Eventually, you will feel so bad that you will want to do something for them to make up for your mistake. It is a disgusting and vicious cycle.

Your emotional abusive partner will also be more than happy to manipulate you. They will try to get you to do anything that they want, and they will do this by playing with your emotions. Emotional abusers will often spend time figuring out what you are the most sensitive and insecure and insecure about, and then they will use that information against you.

Don’t give your emotionally abusive partner power over you. If you feel like you are being emotionally abused, stand up for yourself. If you are worried about the repercussions, then it may be best to speak to a professional, or to even get the authorities involved if need be.

How to Mend a Relationship That’s on the Decline

lovebrokeEvery relationship will eventually go through at least one fight or rough patch. It’s literally impossible to have a healthy relationship without arguing once or twice. If there’s literally no disagreeing in a relationship then there’s probably a problem. Sometimes these fleeting feelings will turn into month long periods where you just don’t want to see your partner and don’t really understand why. When a relationship starts to go downhill it can happen pretty fast. It’s still possible to save the romance as long as you try your hardest. I mean there’s top dating sites for affairs like this list of reviews from a few year ago that show cheater dating website scams so there’s no lack of options if you’re not happy anymore.

Talking Out Any Unresolved Issues

Before anything else it’s best to talk about the problems you’re going through. Maybe it’s something that is only really bugging you or vice versa. It’s possible that neither of you know the real cause and want to find out and resolve it together. It’s also possible that you both come to an understanding that you don’t care. Regardless of the actual conversation, nothing can really be fixed unless you sit down and talk about what is going right and what is going wrong.

Revisiting the Beginning of the Relationship

571541The beginnings of relationships are often the best because you’re basically in a honeymoon period. Everything is perfect and happy and you still have those first date jitters rolling around. Your need to impress each other is still there and you feel flutters in your stomach when you see each other. These are hard feelings to recreate but it’s still possible to do so. You could dump him by sending him to sites for meeting younger women that seem good from this compiled list on dating sites for meeting young women to sleep with pronto. Replicate your first date and try to see if you can feel any romantic nostalgia. Remind your partner and yourself why you fell in love to begin with.

Trying New Things Together

Sharing an experience brings anyone involved together. This is especially true of people in relationships because they already have a strong bond to begin with. New experiences that you can share can elevate your sense of closeness and intimacy. Think about silly things to do like visiting a petting zoo, going to a national landmark, or just driving somewhere new. Think about serious or more extreme things like couple’s sky diving tours. Anything can work.

Asking for Advice

Never be afraid to ask for advice about your issues and problems. This can mean seeking out a friend to confide in or talking about how you feel with your family. You can even go so far as to seek out professional help if the problem is really bad or extreme. Help isn’t something to be ashamed of in a relationship because you’re bound to make mistakes and mess up along the way. Everyone needs a hand to help them up once in a while.

Knowing When to Call it Quits

Sometimes, however, there is no mending a relationship. You can try and try and nothing ever sticks. It’s devastating at the time but in the end it’s for the best. You just aren’t two people who are meant to be together. This is nothing to be afraid of. If you have one true love in your life then you know that you’ll need to wade through all the loves that won’t last to find it. There are hookup sites that are real like those that were conducted a big review set and compared all the real and scam sites. So don’t sweat it – dump and move on.

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, then giving roleplaying a shot might just be what you need to try. Whether you’ve role-played with your partner before or it’s your first time, it is important to be able to pick a scenario that will be fun and sexy at the same time. You don’t want to get too serious or it can wind up ruining the experience. If you’re looking for some interesting and sexy roleplaying scenarios to try out, here are four of them that can really kick things up a notch.

1. Teacher and Student

179763974roleplayrookies_HOMETeacher and student is a classic sexy roleplaying scenario, but it is a classic for a reason. There’s something really naughty about pretending to be a teacher or a student and having your partner fall into the role as well. We’ve pretty much all had fantasies about teachers at some point, and the power play can be really interesting here. Whether you want to be the strict teacher or the naughty student looking for some extra credit, it’s an easy scenario to get into and it’s undeniably sexy at the same time.

2. Nurse and Patient

Nurse and patient is another classic scenario, but that doesn’t mean that it’s boring. There’s something kinky about medical play that really gets to a lot of people. Being a sexy nurse giving your patient a special shot or a miracle cure can be really fun and sexy if you do it right. It’s not complicated at all, which is part of the appeal here. It’s easy for anyone to pick up and there’s not a whole lot of confusion as to who should be doing what. Of course, if you’re scared of doctors, then this one might not be the right choice for you.

3. Master and Servant

Master and servant does tend to cross the line into BDSM a little bit, but you don’t need to get serious with it unless that’s what you’re into. Having to submit to your partner’s every whim and desire can be a major turn-on for some people – or maybe you would rather be the one doing all the commanding. Either way, this is a basic scenario that you can play to whatever specifications you want. You can get some fantasy roleplay into the scene if you want to pretend that your partner is an exotic slave that you’ve just won at an auction, or you can even get more creative with it. It’s all up to you!

4. Princess and Knight

This roleplaying scenario can go any way you want it to. If you’re a spoiled diva and you want to be doted on by a loyal knight, then you get to be the princess that calls all the shots. Of course, there are plenty of different ways to play this depending on what your partner likes and what you’re into. No matter how you slice it, though, pretending to be a princess or a knight is a fun break from reality. It can get really sexy if you know how to put on a good show, so give it all you’ve got and let loose a little! You might just be surprised by how much you wind up enjoying the role you start to inhabit.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Versus Owning

Trying to decide whether you want to rent or own can present a huge conundrum. There are perks and pitfalls to both, but what should really determine your decision is your individual needs. Your lifestyle, financial situation, and goals should dictate what kind of home you want to keep. If you like moving around a lot, for example, owning a home may not be the best option. On the other hand, if you’ve saved money for a down payment and you’re ready to make the purchase, you might as well go ahead. There are also all kinds of other costs associated with both renting and owning a home that aren’t just spelling out in the lease price or the mortgage. Here are four of the major pros and cons you’ll encounter when trying to decide whether it’s better for you to rent or own your home.

Taking Life Stages into Account

Can't Make Up Your Mind About Renting Or Owning? We Can Help
Can’t Make Up Your Mind About Renting Or Owning? We Can Help
One of the major factors in deciding where to settle is what’s going on in your life. If you’re looking to get married and have children, buying a home might be prudent if you want to settle somewhere. On the other hand, you might be in the same situation, but you don’t plan on staying in your current geographical location. It all depends on what your future plans are. The basic difference between a rental property and owning a home is that the rental is more flexible. The only thing you’re tied to for a year or more is a lease. After that, you’re able to freely move and not have any ties to the same residence if you so choose. The other perk of renting is that the landlord is responsible for all repairs and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about that side of things. The biggest factor, though, is where your current financial situation sits. If you’re in a lot of debt, buying a home may not be in your best interests. You need a back-up plan or at least a cash cushion in case something goes wrong. Once you’re locked into a mortgage, it’s much harder to get out of than a lease.

The Real Costs of Owning a Home

Think About Your Needs When It Comes To A Home
Think About Your Needs When It Comes To A Home
When you own a home, you’re not just going to be paying a mortgage. If you own a house and it sits on land, you’ll also be paying different types of taxes. Don’t forget about replacing the roof, if the basement floods, if your dishwasher breaks, and any other number of scenarios that could happen. While this shouldn’t scare you away from investing in home ownership, you should be prepared to deal with issues like these if they arise. The same goes for an apartment, such as a co-op. You’ll need to pay a monthly maintenance fee, and you’re also responsible for certain costs of upkeep that you wouldn’t be if you were renting.

Understanding the Real Estate Market

The real estate market isn’t only important to understand in order to buy a home at the best price possible, but also to know what you’re getting out of home ownership. There are the possible issues you run into as a home owner, but you also have leverage because you own property. You can borrow against your home, and while that’s not advisable unless absolutely necessary, it does give you an edge above other borrowers. It’s also essential not to buy a home that’s out of your price range. If you can wait to buy, prices will eventually go down again, and that’s the best time to make your move.

Risks to Avoid When Renting

Renting Has Its Advantages.. But So Does Owning A House
Renting Has Its Advantages.. But So Does Owning A House
Although you have lots of flexibility while renting and maintenance is the landlord’s responsibility, you also don’t have recourse for certain situations. For example, in certain cities, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to treat a property for vermin such as bed bugs and cockroaches. However, even if they’re financially responsible for it, you’re still going to be living in the situation. You don’t have any recourse if something goes wrong in your apartment and it takes time to get fixed. Housing court is also not an ideal solution, and can take a long time. Always have a back-up plan when you’re renting, and preferably at least a friend or family member’s residence you can stay at if need be.

4 Things to Do about a Stalker Ex

relationshipsRelationships are tricky things. They can start out so sweet and loving and then become so foreign to you that you would have thought you were dating a monster. It’s hard to handle someone when you see them change before your eyes into someone who was tender and kind to vicious and controlling. It’s frightening and can make many men and women scared of dating or getting close to others because the person they were blind to the cruelty of someone they used to date but also because that person might still be a force in their lives. Some ratings can be tricky to understand like these that ranked and reviewed the top sites for meeting women on the internet so you can avoid scams. Stalking is a serious problem in relationships and isn’t as uncommon as you might think. There are different forms of stalking such as from afar, terroristic stalking, and cyber stalking. Any and all can be very emotionally scarring and can strike fear in people who just want to move on with their lives.

Get Your Friends and Neighbors to Watch Your Back

If you are afraid that your ex might be stalking you then the most important thing you should be thinking about is your safety. Not all stalkers are vicious and willing to hurt you but you should always treat any stalking incident like it could become extreme. If you don’t take it seriously then you could end up seriously hurt or dead if the situation escalates enough. If you didn’t think that your ex-mate could turn into this completely different person then who knows what else they could become.

Notify your friends and neighbors that you might be in possible danger or, if you don’t want to be alarmist, tell them to watch out for your ex hanging around. Give them a description of their appearance and vehicle to make sure they know who they’re looking for. Don’t go out alone for a while. Let as many people as possible know that you might be in trouble.

Have a Mild Confrontation with Backup

fightIf the stalking gets to the point where it’s very evident but is not yet at a level that is dangerous then your next best bet will be to confront the stalker. Some people like to get a rise out of others when they are hurt and upset which is classic stalker behavior. Once they know that you’re onto them and that you might take the next steps to stop them then they could back off.

It’s EXTREMELY important to bring a friend along with you; preferably one that has some muscle or knowledge of self-defense in case things turn sour. It’s also highly possible that your stalker will only get angry. Your friend or family member can not only be there to make sure you’re okay but to also bear witness when you move onto the next step.

Contact the Authorities

If the situation truly is getting out of hand and you fear that your safety will be compromised then it’s time to contact the police. Be aware that a lot of stalking laws are in their fledgling years and police don’t often take them as seriously as they should. Be as serious and honest as possible while stressing the possibilities that can occur. If you’re a woman then the situation is extremely high risk; women are killed the world over for being defiant and rejected men. Online, scams are a permanent fixture so use sites that have been extensively tested like top rated hookup sites of 2016. Bring as much as evidence as possible to the police and tell them about other people who have witnessed the behavior. Follow the police’s instructions at how to proceed and listen to their advice on how to handle this legally. If they suggest you get a restraining order then you should definitely look into it.

Implement Some Life Changes

change wordleIf you do all of the above and your ex is still persisting then it’s time to start running. It’s never a nice feeling knowing that someone has stripped you of power and safety but by running and protecting yourself then you can regain all your power back. Find a new house or apartment, change your appearance as much as you are comfortable with, and it might be a good idea to get some kind of weapon to carry with you, albeit one that is legal or that you have permission to have on you. Stalking isn’t something to shrug off. Having stalker means that you have someone that could potentially harm or kill you to deal with.

It’s hard to accept that sometimes relationships just don’t work out, but it’s sometimes inevitable when you’re hitting the dating and hookup scene regularly. You shouldn’t have to waste your time with a relationship that just doesn’t work anymore, but that can happen all too often if you’re not aware of when the relationship may be going south. It’s important that you be able to recognize when things are starting to go south and get stale. That way, you can try to fix the relationship or you can move on and find someone who you click with on a deeper level. Otherwise, the relationship could wind up dragging out for far too long and becoming more painful than it should be. Here are five ways to tell when your relationship is starting to get stale:

1. You Can’t Think of Anything to Talk About

If you struggle to find anything to talk about with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then that’s one of the first warning signs that the relationship is starting to go stale. It might not seem like that big of a deal at first, but being able to hold a decent conversation is hugely important to keeping a relationship going. Are you perhaps into bdsm dating sites that sprout like weeds, so they need to be compared using reviews of real sites? If you can’t find anything to talk about, then chances are you’re not going to be able to hold down the relationship for long. In a good relationship, the conversation should flow naturally and be as effortless as breathing or thinking. That’s why you should keep an eye out for your relationship if you start struggling to find things to talk about.

2. You Don’t Even Seem to Fight Anymore

Not fighting in a relationship might seem awesome to you, but the truth is that fighting can sometimes be an important aspect of a relationship. Every couple has conflicts here and there – that’s part of the result of passion and strong personalities. If you never fight, you might think that it’s a sign of a perfect relationship. However, it’s much more likely that there are conflicts that are just getting brushed over and ignored. That can create even worse conflicts down the line. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly about any issues, or else the relationship can really wind up going south. If you’re never fighting about things, it could very well be a sign that the relationship is going stale.

3. You Barely Think about Each Other

If you barely think about your boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re going about your daily life, that should be a big warning sign that something isn’t going well. In a good relationship, you should think about your partner often. It doesn’t need to be obsessive, but it is important to think of them often. If you’re barely noticing your girlfriend or boyfriend in your daily life, that’s not exactly a sign of a strong relationship by any means. The list of the top of the top for naughty dating websites list for 2015-2016 help you scams and fraud.

4. You Don’t Miss Them When They’re Gone

If you don’t miss your partner when they’re gone, that can be a huge sign that the relationship is going stale. In a passionate relationship, you should feel their absence clearly when they’re gone. If you’re barely aware of the fact that they’re not there, then that’s a clear sign that the relationship isn’t going the way it should. It’s okay to not miss them terribly when they’re gone, but if you feel better without them than when you’re with them, then that’s obviously not a good sign for the future of your relationship.

5. Your Dates Are Boring

Going out on dates should be an interesting and exciting event. If your dates are starting to get seriously boring no matter what you go out to do, then this is a huge sign that things are getting stale. You should never be bored on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, even if it isn’t something you don’t really enjoy doing. Just their presence should be enough to make it more interesting. If all your dates are starting to get boring, you should really think about the relationship you’re in and if it’s worth it to continue. It might not be working for you anymore, and it’s important to be able to recognize that.

3 Exciting Ways to Add Spice Back into Your Sex Life

Adding spice back to your sex life can seem difficult, especially when you feel like you’ve done it all. Luckily, there are three easy ways to help get your sex life back to the way it used to be. It doesn’t take much effort, and it can often lead you to coming up with even more ideas for bringing (and keeping) the sexy spice back into your sex life. And you definitely can’t go wrong with that.

Enjoy the Thrill of Getting Caught

tumblr_mapzixfhMA1qb4ttfOne fun way to add the spice back to your sex life is for the two of you to experience the thrill of getting caught. Having sex in public can definitely help with bringing a lot of joy and excitement to your sex life. If the two of you are reluctant to have full on sex, there are many things you can do instead. In fact, you can start out small, and then work your way up to the main attraction. There are online hookup site reviews like this complete list of tested sites for seeing top lists can be tricky to evaluate. You can start by fooling around while the two of you are on a dinner date. Make sure that you reserve a booth. You want the thrill, but you don’t want to make getting caught too easy. Take turns fondling and feeling each other up beneath the table. See how far you can go without people noticing what you’re doing. If you’re willing to go all out, pay for dinner, and then finish up in the car right in the parking lot. Check your surroundings first. You don’t want to risk a cop catching you in the act.

Busy buses and trains are also a great way to get kinky with each other while risking the thrill of getting caught. Make sure that both of you wear easy access clothes. You don’t want to be bothered with buttons and zippers, which can slow you down, especially if you’re in a rush (or have to quickly escape if someone notices what you’re doing).

Take Roleplay to a Whole New Level

If you have experience with roleplay, but you don’t feel like it’s doing the job anymore, you may just need to change what you’re roleplaying, and how you’re roleplaying it. One way to really get the two of you excited is to get a hotel room. One of you is to stay at the hotel room, while the other stays home. Engage in kinky phone, and then invite your partner to your room. Go all out for this one. You’re paying for the room, so you may as well make the most out of it. Don’t forget to bring toys or even a video camera to make you own porn film to watch later. Use good research and tests of sites for finding out the top websites for getting laid online from people that have reviewed and rated the bulk. If the hotel idea sounds fun, you can also add to it. There are numerous roleplay scenarios that the two of you can experiment with. Take some time to figure out what excites both of you and go from there. Purchase outfits, wigs, or anything else you think you may need. Planning is everything to make the most out of this roleplay, so start figuring out things now. The more time you give yourself, the more fun you’ll have.

Invite Someone New to Join In On the Fun

threesomeIf the two of you are OK with bringing someone into your bedroom, then inviting someone for a kinky threesome can definitely give a spicy boost to your sex life. This person can either be a one-time hookup, or you and your partner may decide that the two of you want to start a relationship with them. Whatever you decide, it’s important to make sure that the two of you communicate beforehand.

Don’t surprise your partner with bringing in a third addition to your bedroom. You will definitely not like the results. You should also come up with things that will and won’t be acceptable for the three of you to do. Make sure everyone is in agreement. Threesomes are fun, but they can destroy a relationship if there is a lack of communication going on.

Brining the spice back to your sex life should be fun, and convince them to tell you their dirtiest, kinkiest secrets. There’s a high chance that you share some of the same ones.

Fighting is, unfortunately a normal part of any long term partnership. You are living in close quarters with another person, and they are bound to get on your nerves at some point. If you aren’t fighting at some point, you are either very good at communication and discussion, are an ultra-chill kind of person, or you aren’t spending a lot of time with your significant other. However, if you are like most people who are in a relationship, you will struggle with arguments, disagreements, and getting angry with one another. Don’t make these disagreements something that will hurt you deeply or ruin your relationship. If you go about an argument right, you may even find that you can come out with an even stronger relationship than you had before. Consider spicing up your life with top sites that make the cut per these reviews of sites for getting laid that show dating websites compared to the competition.


ListenWhile this may seem like a cliché, no matter how mad you get it is important to keep your ears open and your head cool. Listening to what your partner has to say and giving it time to process will help you be reasonable through the arguments. Do not rise to any provocations that may come up, and commit to keep listening to your spouse, even if they are upset and angry at you and aren’t behaving very nicely.

Don’t Yell

For goodness sake do not yell at your significant other. Keeping your voice even and reasonable will not only help your own psyche, but it will keep your spouse calm as well. Screaming in someone’s face is not a valid method of discussion, so don’t do it. Even if your spouse is yelling at you, not yelling yourself will keep it from escalating. Keep your arguments rational and reasonable and you will come out much better off with much less temper being thrown around.

Make Your Feelings Heard

Communication is the way to soothe hurt feelings and raging tempers. Tell your partner how you feel and let them know what it is that you need from them. You can’t just expect them to know how you feel and what you want, especially if they are preoccupied with their own feelings. If you are candid and say exactly what you mean to say, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of whatever else might have happened had you let everything stew. So tell them what you want, and listen to them when they do the same.


Now that you have got your feelings and thoughts out in the open, it’s time for you to listen while your significant other does the same. Do your best to really hear what they are saying and empathize with their feelings. Don’t make everything about you, and don’t let them make it all about them either. Fights come from two sides, and understanding that is the first step to making it better. You won’t fully understand everything, but the more that you make an effort to try the more you will be able to understand in future arguments. You can only get better at this.


Don’t let them walk all over you, but don’t be an immovable stone wall either. If you can find a happy balance between doormat and block of bricks, you will be able to reach the reasoning status of a human being. Meet them halfway with their problems, but don’t go all the way either, it’s no good if you are being used and your spouse doesn’t need to grow at all. Be good to each other, and extend the olive branch after you well and good have all of your feelings out and in the open. Don’t hold onto old feelings after a spat.

Make an Effort to Change

The most important part is now holding up your end of the bargain. Make an effort to fix
whatever it was that was making your spouse angry, and they will likely do the same for
you. If you can be a reasonable adult about your encounters with your significant other, you will be able to really polish your relationship and improve yourself, and every argument will only make you stronger as a couple and as friends.

How to Handle Your Partner Lying in Your Relationship

liesIt’s natural that sometimes people will lie. It’s never a good thing, at least in most cases, but it’s something that happens and can be unavoidable in a relationship. Some white lies aren’t anything to worry about and shouldn’t cause huge blow ups. Some, however, can be very significant. For instance, a partner that lies about who they are or their whereabouts is a partner that comes off as suspicious. Not everyone’s life is like a sitcom where the lying is because of a surprise party or big gift. Sometimes the lie is malicious or the result of a guilty conscious. If you have found your partner using reviews by these guys of the BSS online dating review report for the best singles sites, dump and move on.

First Make Sure There’s a Lie at All

There’s definitely an importance in finding out whether or not there’s actually a lie in the first place. It might take a while to find out if there’s an actual discrepancy and you’ll need to do some research but make sure that you know all the facts, or lack of facts, before you get confrontational. If you get too angry and accusatory too quickly, you might come off as someone who is a snooper and overly paranoid and suspicious. In the event that someone is actually lying then it’s important to bring them all the facts to prove that you know. Also it’s important to not get worked up without being sure of what the real story is.

Once You Know for Sure then Plan Your Strategy

strategyOnce you are sure of what you know then it’s time to get onto the part where you plan for the next stage of the scenario. If you found out that your partner was actually telling the truth then you don’t have to worry anymore. Sit back and relax and be grateful for the fact that your partner is actually caring and truthful. Some offer real reviews like these online cougar dating site rankings that go about to rate the top sites out there. If your partner was actually lying then you need to assess the situation and decide what your best exit strategy is from the predicament you find yourself in. Usually you have two choices and those are to ignore whatever the lie is or to confront the person in question about their indiscretions.

You Can Choose to Ignore It

The option of ignoring the problem might not be the best or emotionally healthy one but it’s still one that’s available to you. You should weigh out the reasons as to why you think it’s best to go this route instead of another. Are you willing to live with this secret inside of you for as long as you’re with this person? Will you tell anyone else? Who all will this affect? Know that keeping a secret like this inside can draw out a lot of resentment and negative emotions within you and this isn’t healthy for you or the people around you.

…Or be Confrontational

Work-ConfrontationThe other path you can choose involves collecting the evidence and presenting it to your partner. Calling them out on their lies might be hard but also worth it in the end. In the event that they still deny the lie then you have to choose whether or not you’ll fall for believing them or not. Don’t just give up now. They also might give themselves up and apologize. You can choose how you react to these pleas or denials but know that it’s wholly your choice and you have the power.

Moving Forward with or Without Your Partner

After this it’s time to move on. This might be with your mate or without them but it’s important to not stand still in the scenario. You have to get out your hurt or anger or stick with your decision. You can dump them or not but it’s important that you pick a side and stick with it. For those with kids, you can find out about the best sites to use like those reviewed in this side-by-side comparison so you have no excuse; you should only use well rated dating sites.

No matter how you find yourself in the position of a breakup, it’s never fun. A lot of people will victimize whoever is broken up with, but it’s not fun to break hearts if you have empathy. Sometimes things just don’t work, and sometimes things end violently with much disagreement. Whatever happened you likely want to forget it as quickly as possible and pick yourself up, dust off, and try again but it can be difficult to forget the painful past quickly. What do you do to forget and move on as soon as possible? There’s no definite on what works every time, but the best philosophy to start with is ‘Out of sight out of mind’. You need to focus on distracting and surrounding yourself with things that in no way resemble your ex and seek new pursuits.

A New Hairstyle To Kick Off The New You

new-hairstyle-ideas-2013 (9)Feeling fresh after a break up will help elevate your mood and get you out of your post breakup funk. It’s time to channel a new you and get into the idea of a new hairstyle. Changing you hair color is also advised to really get an intense new feeling on breaking out your old shell. Been blonde forever? Try a bold red! Had black hair for ages? Try a honey caramel! Need some fresh ideas? Check out celebrity magazines or websites. It will help your hair stylist if you take a picture in with you of what you want your hair to look like. Definitely go to a salon, even a budget one, to emphasize the feeling of having a transformation for yourself. Indulge and tell your hairstylist all about why your ex was horrible. You should leave feeling refreshed and confident in yourself!

Set A New Fitness Goal

Screw looking good for your next hot date, the idea is to feel confident about yourself! Get some friends to go to a yoga class with you or just hit the gym alone with your headphones. Get out of the house and give yourself minimal time to be sitting around moping about your ex. Get distracted by looking and feeling great for yourself. Build your confidence and show your ex they never deserved you anyway!

New Sights, New Distractions

Get out of your usual funk! Go meet new people, friends and potential lovers alike, and do something new! Maybe even something your ex hated or refused to do with you, like dance in public. Have a great time and find people who enjoy doing the things you love. Invite friends you know will have fun and not drag down your good time when you’re in a delicate time after a break up. It’s not that you’re trying to be mean, you just don’t want a buzzkill when you’re smiling for the first time in a month.

Avoid People Who Ask About Your Ex

Avoid those annoying friends who keep urging you to reconcile with your ex. You don’t want to think about the possibility for whatever reason, and often can’t trust yourself to be around the ex or mutual friends without wanting to bend. Spend time with friends who know not to talk about it or never even met your ex. You don’t want every conversation to be about your breakup, you want to move on. But even friends who mean well trying to get you to reconcile don’t realize they are doing you more harm than good. Be strong and choose your company wisely so you are surrounded by those who support you and won’t let you make bad relationship decisions in weak moments.

Making Your Own Amateur Porn Film For Fun

Super risk but fun activities
Super risk but fun activities

Making your own amateur porn film can be both awkward and exciting. Many couples are interested in making their own sex tapes, but they don’t know how to go about it. Some people end up losing their nerve right before it’s time for lights, camera, and action. Making your own porn movie doesn’t have to be awkward, or difficult if you make sure to prepare everything beforehand. As a matter of fact, you may not even have to go out and buy (or rent) and expensive camera to film your sexy moments. You may have everything you need already to make your very own porn film. And with a little research, you may be able to make it look as good as the professionals.

Don’t Be in a Rush to Spend All of Your Money

Don't waste money for nothing
Don’t waste money for nothing

One big flaw many couples make when they’re ready to start making their own amateur porn film is that they go out and spend money on an expensive camera. Many times they have no idea how to work the camera, and they are too impatient to properly learn. When you do this, you are causing yourself to miss out on some great moving making experience. Not to mention that you don’t even really need a camera to make your own sex film. All you need is a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Luckily, you probably have at least one of these things. If you have more than one, that’s even better. Get others to join through top online dating sites that show in-depth comparisons about dating sites and offer good reviews and ratings of sites. After you have decided the setting of your film, take whatever electronic device you have that is capable of recording and decide where you are going to put them. Remember, that you don’t have to record everything all at one time. If you want your film to appear like some of the porn movies that have some semblance of a plot, try recording some parts where you don’t take your clothes on at a different time. When you want to record the sex, make sure that you have each device running and recording the two of you from different angles. Some angles you may want to think about are focusing on both of your faces, and at least two different angles of your bodies. Once you’ve tested out the different angles (and the positions the two of you should be in to get the best picture), get down to business!

Don’t Skimp On the Editing

Once the two of you are finished with filming, don’t be in a rush to edit your movie. Give yourself some time to relax. If you’re too anxious or excited when you work on your film, you could end up making several mistakes. When the two of you are rested up, and ready to take on editing, gather all of your electronics and watch each portion from beginning to end. This will help you decide what type of effect you want to go for when you’re making your movie.

Make sure you have a flash drive, or a portable hard drive when you’re ready to start editing. You’re going to need to keep all sections of the movie in one place. Use video editing software to piece together your movie. Don’t rush. This could take several hours, so remember to take breaks.

If you don’t want to be bothered with all the editing, you can use different apps to do the editing for you. It may not give you the same overall effect, but it’s still pretty fun. There are several free video-editing apps for both iOS and Android. You may have to do this multiple times if you decided to use different devices to film your movie. But even if you do, it will definitely be worth it.

How To Ask Your Partner For Alone Time

No matter how much you love someone, spending every minute of every day with them can be exhausting and leave you feeling worn out even if you had a great time! Most people require a little down time to themselves to energize and prepare themselves for another day. But when you first fall into a relationship with someone and everything is going so well, you can both end up creating habits that don’t take into account either partner’s need for alone time and space. In the passion of new romance you might get on great for a few months before finding yourself worn down and confused as to why you seem tired and irritable with your partner at times. Don’t let unintentional resentment take control of your relationship! Be aware of your actions and needs and realize that it’s healthy to take a break to spend time away from your partner with family or just by yourself. Maybe you are an artistic soul and need some space to get back to your crafts and carve out space in your life for what used to fuel you before your relationship. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in our relationships, especially the passionate ones when all we want is to be near that special someone. There are many reviews online that talk about best online dating sites compilation for 2015 so you can get together a top list of real websites to use for your activities.

Recognizing A Need For Alone Time

Alone time: super impotant
Alone time: super impotant

It’s important first and foremost to admit that you do need space and that you are allowed to ask for it. Actually communicating that to friends or romantic partners comes later. Right now, just focus on figuring out what you need and how you are going to go about getting it. Feelings of being restricted or trapped may just stem from a need for a little space to yourself. You may also see signs of your partner needing their own time and space. Ask them about their favorite hobbies before you were together. Have they done them lately? If not, encourage them to get back into things they enjoy doing. If you want to make it more romantic, you can ask your partner to do their favorite things with them. Take time to teach each other about what you love, but don’t turn it into an excuse to spend all your time together. Recognize that sometimes you can do things together, and other times keep it about having your own time.

Approaching Your Partner Without Hurting Them

A big problem with asking for alone time is fear of hurting your partner when they actually haven’t done anything wrong. It’s important to approach the topic carefully to avoid as many hurt or misunderstood feelings as possible. You can start by having a conversation with your partner and emphasizing that this is about you and they’ve done nothing wrong. You need time and space to do things you enjoy and recharge and enrich your life in ways that do not revolve around your romantic relationship. Use consistently good reviews online for dating like a set of best sites that make the cut for avoiding scams in the dating world.It’s as important and enriching to you as school would be, and needs to be respected and understood as such. You can encourage them to reflect on their own hobbies and see if there’s something they can find to do while you sound time apart. Even if you live together it can be as simple as buying your partner a new video game they’ve been wanting to play so you can find time for yourself. Think of creative solutions to keep you both satisfied. It’s important all needs are met, but spending every second of every day is not a realistic or healthy expectation. If your partner can’t respect your need for space and insists on making it about them or how hurt they are, it may be best to evaluate the relationship and realize this person is not respecting you and your needs. You need to be firm about what your needs as an individual and get your partner to understand you or things won’t work out between you.

Why You Should Supplement Your Kid’s School Lunch

I you’re counting on your child’s school to give them a great lunch based on the money that you’re paying for it, you’re mistaken. Though school districts do what they can to make sure that children have enough of the good stuff to eat, they’re hampered in multiple ways. First of all, they don’t want to include too much food. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and portion control at public schools is one of the many ways that it’s being fought… even though some children need more nutrition during the morning and early afternoon (as in, lunch time) than others. Here’s why you should make sure that your child is packing healthy snacks on their way to school even if you’re also paying for the school’s lunch program.

High Sodium Foods Are Too Common

Make Sure Your Children Are Getting The Food They Need
Make Sure Your Children Are Getting The Food They Need
Despite the fact that most schools have moved on to trying to be healthier, there’s still the fact that high sodium foods are far too common on a school’s lunch menu. If you want your child to have enough liquid to go with all that salt you’d be better off packing it yourself.

The Time to Develop Their Palate Is Now

Frankly, most schools aren’t known for introducing the children to a wide variety of foods. Sure, you do what you can at home to broaden their palates, but the truth is that the more different foods children like and want to eat, the more likely they are to grow into adults who like to cook their own food… and thus save money and calories over prepackaged meals right from the start. Plus, there are better odds that they’re going to be cooking nutritious meals with plenty of different fruits and veggies.

Picky Eaters Go Hungry

Supplement Your Kid's School Lunch And Make Sure They Are Fed Right
Supplement Your Kid’s School Lunch And Make Sure They Are Fed Right
If your child likes to turn their nose up at things, as every kid does now and then, they will be in for a really long afternoon. Most schools only offer a couple choices, if that, and if your child doesn’t want to eat it they’re going to be left hungry for the rest of the day. If you know that your little one can get a bit stubborn at the sight of carrots, pack them some string cheese every day just so they have something to fall back on.

Allows Them Some Control of Their Food

School lunches are really convenient, but they don’t offer your child much chance at meal planning on their own. If you want them to grow up taking charge of their own nutrition, it’s never too early to start them out. A great way to do it is to set up a supplement snack drawer in your house. On the way out the door in the morning your child can choose what they’re going to bring for snacks or supplemental food for lunch. They get to feel like they call the shots and you know that they’re learning the skills they need to thrive on their own.

Offers a Double Dose of Vitamins

You should supplement your child’s meal simply because there’s no such thing as too much nutrition. Your child isn’t running a risk of ingesting too many vitamins. In fact, school time can be where they need fuel and nutrition the most. They have to learn and assimilate knowledge on their own, in addition to running around at recess, playing hard in PE, and just staying awake all those hours when even a third grader probably wants a nap. There’s just nothing wrong with making sure that they have the fuel that they need to get through a day that’s more hectic than adults remember.

Helps Cut down on Snacking after School

If They Are Snacking After School, They Are Not Having The Right Lunch
If They Are Snacking After School, They Are Not Having The Right Lunch
Remember, portion control is a big deal in public schools. However, the “one size fits all” approach has never been shown to be effective for controlling weight in a population. If your child comes home from school starving every day and eats a big snack right before dinner, that’s more of a problem than them eating a bit more at lunch. If you want them to save their appetite for dinner (but don’t have the heart to deny them when they’re clearly starving) then packing them some extra is a good compromise.